I Am Officially In The Twilight Zone


What Is Wrong With Schools? What Is Wrong With Society?

Well at least this time it is not in America.


EAG News broke the news.

Fingerprints To Be Used To Track Food Bought By Children

STOURBRIDGE, England – A school is implementing a biometric system to better track what students are eating […]

Thanksgiving Recipe Round Up


Except for the turkey do you know what you are serving for Thanksgiving yet? Don’t know what to take to grandma’s house? Still looking for some thing new or different? Or would you prefer something more traditional?

No matter what you are looking for, More Thyme Than Dough has you covered.

Today’s blog […]

Is Good Customer Service a Thing Of the Past?


One of my friends has been having problems with her clothes dryer. It doesn’t work. She has had the company she bought the dryer from out five (5) different times in the past two weeks with no resolution of the issue. The dryer still does not work.

Her expereince has got me to […]