When I worked in an office in the 80’s and early part of the 90’s I had this poem hanging on the bulletin board. Someone (Mary sticks in my mind, but not sure.) gave it to me. It was titled, Anyway. I liked it. I stuck it up on the […]

Reader Comments

A reader at More Thyme Than Dough recently left a comment at the Sly Lemon Pie recipe post. Actually, the comment was really a recipe.

This is what Crystal wrote: “That is such a funny coincidence. I just made the same thing this morning using mango juice concentrate and vanilla […]

Spring Vegetables


Spring vegetable season is upon us. Yipppppeeee!!!!!!

I love fresh vegetables. Asparagus is available all year round these days. But the best asparagus is usually available in the spring when it is at its peak. I was in the grocery store the other day and the asparagus looked wonderful. So I bought […]