Spring Nature Walk


Less than 1 mile from the noisy congestion of the cars and semis at the intersection of I-270 and State Route 33; amid all the malls, hotels, businesses, post office, and car dealerships in Dublin, Ohio is a small, 3.51 acres, park with a stunning water falls.

Unless you […]

Body Image Through the Ages ~ Part 1

Image: Actual or mental picture; likeness

What is the ideal Image of a woman?

Depends. Depends on many variables: Culture. Ethnicity. Society. Community. Family. Changes over time too. Would it surprise you to know that the skinny model and super thin actress look of today was not always the norm […]


When I worked in an office in the 80’s and early part of the 90’s I had this poem hanging on the bulletin board. Someone (Mary sticks in my mind, but not sure.) gave it to me. It was titled, Anyway. I liked it. I stuck it up on the […]