Too Much Information


I have a double treat for you today – a great post from my all-time favorite senior citizen, Maxine, and one fantastically wonderfully delicious recipe using two kinds of pork – bacon and bratwurst.

Maxine is complaining about all the emails she gets with health information in them. She is on overload.

From […]

Grace Under Pressure




Featured Recipe Very Cheesy Mini Potato Nests

Today’s recipe is a real treat whether you serve it as a side dish with a week night dinner, or as an appetizer. However you serve them everyone will love these little morsels.

They are a wonderful finger food at parties and […]



I haven’t done an animal story in a long time.

Source: Wikimedia

I am a sap for animal stories. The one I am sharing with you today is an old story. Seems it all occurred in 2009. I missed it. Maybe you have read about it before. But until Wednesday of this […]