The Historic Inns of Ohio #3


The Red Brick Tavern

America is and has always been a nation on the move.

In the eighteen hundreds as the young United States of America began moving and settling west the need for roads, inns, and restaurants was a necessity.

The east to west National Road was one […]

Don’t Know Much About History



On TV I see those Jay Leno ‘Man on the Street” like interviews where people can’t even identify the first words of the Star Spangled Banner, or don’t know who the first President of the United States is. He is not the only one who conducts such interviews. There are several folks […]

Did You Know About This?


I didn’t.

How come I never heard about this before? It could be because I did not watch television on 9/11/11. I just did not think I could deal with the emotional overload of that day.


But I never heard, read, or saw anything about this on 9/11/01 either. I did […]