Sweets For The Sweet


      You Are What You Eat

 Or so some intriguing new research seems to indicate.

Does having a sweet tooth make a person more agreeable and friendly? Does having a sweet tooth make you sweeter and nicer?

           Yes, says new research.

Those of us with a sweet tooth seem to have sweeter dispositions and are more agreeable and helpful too.

I like where this is going.

According to a report in Science Daily:

The paper, “Sweet Taste Preferences and Experiences Predict Pro-Social Inferences, Personalities, and Behaviors,” is being published by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

The study was conducted by researches at North Dakota State University,Fargo, Gettysburg College, and Saint Xavier University.

The research included a series of five studies. In one study, the authors found participants who ate a sweet food (a specific brand of chocolate), versus a non-sweet food (a cracker), or no food, were more likely to volunteer to help another person in need.

and this:

The authors also showed that people who like sweet foods, versus individuals who do not, were higher in the personality trait of agreeableness and were more likely to volunteer to help clean up their city after it experienced a major flood.

In other words, the authors demonstrated people can predict how helpful or nice someone is, based on the extent to which whether he or she prefers eating sweet foods. Preferences for the other four taste types were not predictive of the pro-social trait of agreeableness

According to another report on this study over at The Moral Psychologist the researchers were even able to manipulate people’s agreeableness:

 Most strikingly, however, Meier actually manipulated people’s agreeableness by having them eat sweet foods. In one study, he gave some participants a chocolate to eat and then later asked them to help out in a future experiment. Those participants given a chocolate were willing to donate about 25 minutes of their time to help the experimenter, about 10 minutes more than participants who were a bland cracker or were given no food at all.

Now I no longer feel guilty for some times using candy as a reward when I taught school. It really did make my students more positive.

 What the world needs now is not more love but more dark chocolate.

 What say you?


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Featured Recipe    Sautéed Bananas with Sugar

On this sweets for the sweets day I have a very special sweet treat for you.

This is a very versatile recipe. Depending what you add to the bananas you can eat it for breakfast, it can be a dessert, or an after-school snack for the kids.

I have seen some recipes for Sautéed Bananas that cut the bananas lengthwise. That is an option too. If you are scooping them onto ice cream or sorbet the rounds are a little easier to use I think. Unless of course you want to use them in a Banana Split.

Chef Mark Bittman flours his bananas before sautéing. I have never tried that and so do not know what, if anything, it adds to the basic recipe.

This is what you will need for each banana:

1-2 bananas

1-2 tablespoons butter

2-4 teaspoons or there abouts or to taste of white or brown sugar

Optional Toppings: cinnamon, chocolate syrup, maple syrup, nuts, cream, ice cream or sorbet.

Here is what you do:

Peel and cut bananas into ½ inch rounds.

Melt the butter in a skillet.

When butter is hot, add the bananas and sauté until they begin to brown.

When the bananas begin to brown turn bananas over, sprinkle some sugar over the bananas, and brown the other side.

Keep turning the banana slices over as they brown so that they do not burn. As you turn the banana slices make sure both sides get some sugar and they become as brown as you want them.

NOTE: The bananas do not always brown at the same time. Just keep turning them over till they are brown. Nevertheless,  the whole process will only take about 2-4 minutes.

When they are finished you can serve for breakfast. I like them sprinkled with cinnamon as pictured below.

You can put them on cereal or just pour cream over them. . Or you can sprinkle some nuts over them. Whatever your little ‘ole heart desires.

For dessert serve with some ice cream or sorbet. You can add nuts and whipped cream then too.

You can also add chocolate or maple syrup and some nuts of your choice for another quick and lovely dessert.

This may be the easiest and sweetest recipe I have shared with you ever.

Bon appétit!!!

Cost of Basic Recipe

1-2 bananas                       $0.41

1-2 tablespoons butter         $0.12

2-4 teaspoons sugar            $0.04

My Option Cinnamon            $0.04

Total Basic Cost Per Banana =$0.61  ***** $0.65 with cinnamon

NOTE: Depending upon whether and what optional toppings you choose to use, costs will vary greatly for this recipe.

Quote of the Day

Every day, tell at least one person something you like, admire, or appreciate about them.

Dr. Richard Carlson


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  • Cindy

    I must be a *very* nice person ;-). Your blog is so professional. You put a lot of time & effort into it. Well done..& thyme *is* way more important than dough. Dough can’t buy thyme..

    • Roberta

      Thank you for the great comment, Cindy. Especially about ‘thyme’ being more important than ‘dough.’ Yes indeed. And I agree. You are a VERY sweet person!