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An Open Letter to Women’s Clothes Manufacturers:


Dear Sir:

Why do you make such ugly clothes in such drab colors for me?

I am 67, sir. I am not dead!

My body has changed shape.


I am still living, laughing, and loving.

1 a womenAnd I want clothes that reflect that.

I have a lot of good years ahead of me. And I want to still look beautiful and have beautiful clothes, and feel beautiful, and to feel radiant in whatever I’m wearing.

I am talking about classy clothes. The types of clothes Jacqueline Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, Katherine Hepburn and Princess Diana would wear.

Now that my body has changed you seem to ignore me. You make hideous clothes. You make clothes in drab colors. They have no shape and no personality.

And this is IF I can even find them in stores at all, as most stores hide Women’s clothing in the tiniest, tiniest, remotest corner of the store. And there are so damn few choices — what’s that about?

I have to give Kohl’s a compliment because at least their Women’s clothes section was fairly large and not too hidden and there was some variety and color. While not perfect, it is certainly better than the store where I found a scant ten pieces of clothing for Women.

Frankly, I think you have forgotten. Today’s Women’s sized ladies are still the first wave of the Baby Boomers. There are millions of us. We have money, and we spend it. And we are still changing and defining and redefining ourselves at each1 a women 3 stage of life. And we don’t like what we are seeing in stores for Women.

I repeat:  I am 67. I am not dead. I still like colors. I still want to wear pink, purple, rose, red, every shade of blue, and turquoise and chartreuse too. And if you can make sky-blue-pink……..I want that too!!!!

I still like soft sexy material. I still like pretty clothes. I don’t want boxy unsightly clothes in drab browns and grays.  I don’t want and won’t buy baggy slacks. I still want to be sexy and appealing.

Furthermore, I want my skirts and dresses hitting at mid-knee, not halfway up to my fannie. I do not want every dress and blouse showing cleavage. Nor do I want turtlenecks. Enough with the turtlenecks already!!! Just give me a normal V or scoop neckline.

Easy to remember: Nothing too short, too tight, too low cut, or ugly or cheap looking.

I refuse to fade into that twilight quietly, or quickly, or dressed in ugly clothes.

1 a women 4The only dress I have bought that comes any where close to what I am looking for –a dress that made me feel some what sexy and beautiful–  was a dress for pregnant women. PREGNANT WOMEN!!! Give me a break!

I said above I want soft sexy materials. Yes. I am still a sexual being. Get that shocked look off your face, young man! Don’t be surprised! More mature to be sure. Yet I am every bit as sexy, dare I say more sexy, as any of the half-naked girls prancing around these days like  Miley Cyrus, Brittany Spears, and Lady Gaga. They are not sexy at all. They are just sad, pathetic little girls playing like they think sexy should look.

It is high time you begin to celebrate real women aging with grace, style, and beauty with us, rather than relegating us to some scrapheap for superannuated crones.
Make us clothes that look good on us, and that we look good in – we promise we’ll be only too happy to buy them!


NOTE: THANKS to Twitter friends @elegantdame, @WebGrrrrl and @Endora_ for your fantastic ideas, input, edits, wording, and suggestions for this post.


1 blue_and_purple

 Featured Recipe     Fusilli with Ground Beef, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, & Sautéed Onions


Boy do I have a treat for you today!

If you have never seen one of G. Garvin’s cookbooks or seen him on TV, most recently on the Food Network you have not lived. Or really eaten. You have been missing out on some of the best recipes this side of heaven.

Plus you are missing out on one of the most charming, dare I say sexy, and bursting at the seams with enjoyment in life cooks since Julia Child.

I simply love his book, Make It Super Simple. As it title hints,the recipe are really easy to make. The best part is how delicious they are too.

Look him up. You won’t be disappointed.

This is what you will need for 4 servings:

1 lb dried fusilli pasta

½ pound  ground beef (chuck)

1 small Spanish or sweet yellow onion

1teaspoon shaved garlic

1 cup white wine

1/3 cup port wine

1 cup oil-packed sun-dried tomatoes

2 tablespoons butter

Salt and pepper to taste


Here is what you do:

Cook pasta according to package directions.


While the pasta is cooking: Dice the onion, slice the garlic, and drain the tomatoes.



NOTE: You can slice the garlic thinly with a knife, or my newest cooking toy, a teeny-tiny grater with a slicer or shaver on one side. Isn’t that just too cute !? !



In a large sauté pan cook beef, onion, and garlic until meat is brown and onion is tender; drain fat.



Add both the wines. Bring to boiling. Reduce heat and simmer, uncovered, for 3 minutes.


Add the drained cooked pasta and the sun-dried tomatoes; mix well.


Fold in the butter.


Season to taste with salt and pepper.

IMG_6689How easy is that?

Wait till you taste it. G. Garvin performs Magic in the Kitchen. He awakens my taste buds. He makes them tingle. He makes them dance.

Serve with a salad.


Bon appétit!!!


1 lb dried fusilli pasta                       $2.89

½ pound ground beef                      $4.27

1 small sweet yellow onion               $0.34

1teaspoon shaved garlic                   $0.08

1 cup white wine                             $1.20

1/3 cup port wine                            $0.50

1 cup sun-dried tomatoes                 $7.58

2 tablespoons butter                         $0.08

Salt and pepper to taste

Total cost = $16.94

Cost per person = $4.24

Quote of the day

I’ve always been attracted to women who are assertive and have confidence – qualities older women possess. They’ve been on the Earth a little longer. They’re more seasoned. They don’t play games. They know what they want, and they’re not afraid to tell you.

Taye Diggs


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