Spicy Cinnamon Pinecones


No. No. No. These are not for dinner or even breakfast. Things are not THAT bad!!!!

This is a thrifty and frugal fall craft idea. It comes from Nicki over at DomesticCents. Remember her and her wonderful Frugal Fall Activities from a few posts ago? Well, I am borrowing from her again today.

Have you seen how much scented potpourri blends cost these days? Highway robbery. Well, Nicki came up with her own potpourri blend and sprinkled it on pinecones. The pinecones came from her yard and the potpourri aroma from spices in her own pantry. Pretty nifty.

I liked the idea so I decided to make some for myself. I felt so Martha Stewartish making these. 

This is a great family activity too. Make a day of it. 

And I encourage you to visit  Domestic Cents as Nicki has some more ideas about making the pinecones I think you will like.

This is what you will need:

Some pinecones

White glue


Spices of your choice:

Nicki’s Domestic Cents Spice Recipe:

1½ teaspoon cinnamon

½ teaspoon nutmeg

¼ teaspoon cloves 

I followed Nick’s recipe except that I used more, ½ teaspoon, of cloves. I also crushed my cloves.  Experiment and use what you like. 

Best of all, I had all of these items already in my house, so I did not have to go out and buy anything.

Like Nicki I also have lots of pinecones where I live and in the park next to where I live. I picked up two different kinds of pinecones. I had 10 pinecones total. I had a bit of spice mixture left after thoroughly coating  all 10 of them in the spice mixture.

Here is what you do:

Bake the pinecones first to kill anything that might be living in them. Most sites recommend 45 minutes in a 250F degree oven. I baked them on a foil lined cookie sheet.

While the pinecones are heating place your spices in a bowl and mix well. I covered mine with platic wrap and put on top of the stove while the pinecones were baking. Heating the spices brought out the aroma and made the kitchen smell wonderful.

Let the pinecones cool completely, about 10-15 minutes.

Put the spice mixture in a plastic bag.

Brush the pinecones on the tips or all over as you desire, with glue.

Put each pinecone in the bag and shake, shake, shake. Tap the excess spices off each pinecone.

Place back on the foil to dry.

I had half a bag of a left-over commercial blend of potpourri from last fall. Most of the scent was gone. But I though I could add it to a bowl with my pinecones and add a bit of accent, interest and background for the pinecones.

I just threw it into a bowl and added the pinecones on top. It made a lovely display. And the scent is a little slice of heaven right here on earth. It made my whole house smell like I was baking cinnamon rolls!!

Quote of the Day:

There is a harmony in autumn,

And a luster in its sky,

Which through the summer is not heard or seen,

As if it could not be, as if it had not been!

 Percy Bysshe Shelley

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