Radish Sandwiches


It is still unbelievably hot here in Columbus, Ohio and all over the East Coast and the Midwest.

I am still not cooking very much. The only time I had the stove on since Monday was to cook a scrambled egg to serve over a toasted English Muffin. Sandwiches, including Radish Sandwiches are about all I have eaten. See below for more on Radish Sandwiches.

I am also eating a lot of watermelon. Finally, a watermelon for the single person, i.e; Me.

Isn’t that the cutest melon you have ever seen??????

It was very good, too. Very sweet. Ice cold it was a dream on these hot days.


My niece, Leslie, did visit one day this week. She lives in Troy and braved the heat to drive up for the day. We went out to eat. We ate at the best Greek restaurant in Columbus, Anna’s Greek Cuisine.

That was good for two meals for me. I just reheated the left-overs in the microwave one day.

Now on to Radish Sandwiches. These little gems are addictive. My niece had never heard of them, but after two of them even she said they were addictive. We had them as appetizers before heading off to Anna’s.

I love them. I could eat them several days a week.

When it comes to bread I might as well skip the eating part and just take two slices and glue one to each hip because that is right where it goes on me.

So these days Radish Sandwiches are a rare treat. But they are perfect for hot days when I don’t want to cook. I don’t know what it is about the combination of bread, butter, radishes, and a little salt, but it is absolutely D.I.V.I.N.E.

They are a favorite appetizer on European menus. Some have said that Ernest Hemingway loved them. I remember my maternal Hungarian grandfather eating them with egg soup for lunch. Did not like the egg soup, (not the Chinese kind, which I love) but the radish sandwiches were great. They are extremely inexpensive too.

It must be the Hungarian genes in me that I like food like this. Wait till I tell you about and give you the recipe for Hungarian Greasy Bread. No, I am not kidding. You cannot make this stuff up.

Every Hungarian I have ever met knows of Greasy Bread, waxes poetic about it, and loves it. We get a certain look in our eyes, almost the look someone who has just like been bit by the love bug has. It is crazy! The food police be damned!!! Greasy Bread is divine too! 

Back to Radish Sandwiches.
Here is what you will need:

Some good crusty bread: white, rye, dark what ever you like

Some good butter, Amish butter is fantastic, the better the butter, the better the sandwich

Some  radishes

Some Kosher or sea salt

This is what you do:

Slice the radishes as thin as possible.

Butter the bread. Lay it on as thick as your diet and health will allow. The more butter, the better rhe sandwich.

Then place some radish slices on the buttered bread and top it all with some salt.

    Thaaat, Thaaaaat, Thaaat’s all folks………..

    Eat and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bread              $0.49                    

This really depends upon the type of bread you use. I used dinner rolls, but you can get expensive ryes, pumpernickels, anything you want and your little heart desires and your wallet can afford.

Butter             $0.25 or so   This too depends on what kind you get and how much you use.

Radishes         $1.29/bunch. $0.09 each I used 3 for $0.27

Salt                 less than one-eighth teaspoon

Total Cost = 1.01    for 3 sandwiches divided in half between two people; this was the appetizer before we went out to eat.
Cost per person = $0.46
Bon Appetite and Stay Cool.
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8 comments to Radish Sandwiches

  • Your friend

    You can do the same with cucumbers only use soft white bread, mayo and cukes! Delish on a hot summer day! The crust can be cut off the bread and then you have sophisticated tea sandwiches. A staple in the south.

    • Roberta

      Friend ~ I know about cuke sandwiches, too. And thanks a million for reminding me about them. And, yes, they are wonderful too. Although I don’t waste the crust. I am too cheap!!!!!! THANKS FOR SHARING YOUR RECIPE. Following is my recipe:

      Cucumber Sandwiches

      Sliced or chopped cucumbers
      Butter, mayonnaise, or cream cheese softened
      Bread of your choice
      S&P to taste
      Optional: chopped tomatoes

      Spread butter or mayo or cream cheese over bread

      Top with cucumbers

      Add tomatoes if using

      Season to taste

  • CT

    I’m so mad!

    I can’t believe I didn’t know about Anna’s before my wife and I left Columbus.

    Why didn’t you tell me?! lol

    (as if you knew that my wife and I had been searching for good Greek food in Columbus literally forever)

    I’m just kidding Rah. We’ll definitely have to make a special trip the next time we’re back in town. Thanks for the tip, my friend!

    • Roberta

      A great meal at Anna’s is on me next time you are in town. I apologize for my oversight.

  • Carol Sternberg

    Radish sandwiches…I will try them. I make open-face sandwiches when its hot. Wheat bread or crusty white with a slice of turkey or cheese; top with a tomato and cucumber slice.Simple and easy. Add a piece of watermelon.

    • Roberta

      I love open-faced sandwiches. Yours sound wonderful. I like easy meals like yours, especially the watermelon. . Thanks for sharing.

  • […] ever since I do limit my winter intake of Radish Sandwiches. Last summer I posted a recipe for Radish Sandwiches. These simple little sandwuches are so delicious. I could not stop eating […]

  • […] ever since I do limit my winter intake of Radish Sandwiches. Last summer I posted a recipe for Radish Sandwiches. These simple little sandwuches are so delicious. I could not stop eating […]