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I don’t know if I have more or less pet peeves than anyone else or not. Maybe it is just that I am getting older. I have noticed these days that my attitude is more and more like Maxine, that gutsy, crabby, acerbic, beloved cartoon character we all know and have come to love.

As Maxine might say: I am retired, but I do a lot of volunteer griping.

So here goes. My top ten pet peeves with a little commentary by Maxine along the way.


#1 Banks subtracting all my expenditures before adding any of my deposits.

Why, in this day and age of computers when “they” can track my every move and mouse click on my home computer does the bank wait days to actually add a deposit into my checking account Balance?

It is standard bank accounting procedure to subtract expenditures first and to add deposits afterwards. I keep a substantial amount of money in my Balance just to cover unexpected expenditures or adding or subtracting errors so that I don’t get hit by those high insufficient funds charges.

But it should not be that way? Deposits and withdrawals should be added or subtracted in the time order in which they occurred. Computers are magical things. Get with the program banks! In the Computer Era transactions can be posted immediately.

Maxine: I miss the days when if you saw a crook in a bank, he was on the same side of the counter as you.


#2 Grocery stores that only carry the largest size of a food item

I hate it when grocery stores do not carry the smaller sized box or can of a food item. Or they bag a million and one grapes in a package when I only need one-eighth of that. I am forced to buy a HUGE amount of food this single gal could not use up in a week of Sundays. All so the store can make a bigger profit off me wasting my money on a size five times bigger than I need.

Maxine: Forgive me if I snap at you. I’m myself today.


#3 What is it with the length of grocery store receipts these days?

I stopped by the grocery store for 2 items the other day. I got a receipt 22 inches long? Really.  When I got home I measured it! It took a full two minutes for the stupid thing to print out. Then the clerk had to explain how much I had saved and how much my rewards program points I had earned. And all this in the express lane no less. Geez!!! All I need is a  receipt, not a dissertation.

Maxine: Did you eat an extra bowl of stupid this morning?


#4 Parents who allow their children to run free, yell, and scream at grocery stores and in restaurants.

I don’t think I need to explain this one too much. We have all encountered this. And those huge kidie car, bus, and animal carts that take up three-fourths of the aisle have not made things better. And those little small carts are more dangerous than driving a freeway. Children use them as weapons to run over anyone in their way.

 Maxine: I like to give advice to young parents: but “Muzzle that screamin’ brat!” isn’t very well received.


#5 Advertisements that pop up all over my computer screen when I am trying to read something.

Especially those ads that increase in size because my cursor inadvertently scrolled over an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weenie corner of the ad, thereby blocking what I was reading. How rude!!! Didn’t your mother teach you any manners. I bet you ran around the grocery store yelling and screaming when you were a child.

Maxine: I do a lot of charity work…….that is, if volunteering my opinion counts.


#6 Stupid commercials, like the one with a woman three weeks before her wedding upset because her teeth aren’t white enough.

 I would humbly suggest to you sweetheart, that if your biggest problem three weeks before your wedding is how white your teeth are you are not mature enough to be married at all. Call off the wedding and grow up. 

Maxine: I’m ready to listen. Are you ready to think.


#7 Bumper stickers that say, “My child is an honor student at…… the best most wonderful awesome greatest where nobody ever fails school in the universe.”

Those signs tell me more about the parent than it does the child. In actually these have nothing to do with the child at all. It is pure ego gratification for the parent.  

Maxine: He who dies with the most toys is nonetheless dead.


#8 Parents talking on their cell phones when they are with their children at the park or store, etc..  

H.E.L.L.O.  Your child needs you. At the park, the grocery store, or wherever parents you are these days parents with kids in tow are yakking into their phones when they should be spending some quality time with their children. Can’t you even spare 30 minutes of your time a day to talk with them and pay attention to them? Then parents wonder and complain why at age 16 their teen doesn’t want to talk to them at all. Duh!!!!  

Maxine: The good thing about camera phones is that now I can pretty much moon anybody who has a phone.


#9 I read one of the saddest messages on Twitter I have ever seen a few days ago.

A mother tweeted that she was driving her daughter to her first day of school in the 1st grade. I won’t even go into tweeting while driving. But going into 1st grade is a momentous occasion and I think mother should have been sharing that and talking with her daughter about her big day; not tweeting mother’s social network.

Maxine: Some people can have all the lights on and still be in the dark. 


#10 What is it with those ads at the bottom of the TV screen advertising other programs during regular programming?

When I watch TV I am in the moment. I am not thinking about the next show I am going to watch. I want to listen to the dialogue or follow the plot of the program I am watching now. Plus I don’t like it at all when one of those ads covers up any part of Michael Weston during Burn Notice. I mean for heaven’s sake, give this senior citizen a tiny bit of pleasure.

And why do TV stations put their name and logo at the bottom right or left  of the TV screen. Do they think I don’t know what channel I am watching? I already know what channel I am watching. Why would I have tuned into your channel in the first place? Like Double Duh!!!!!

Maxine: Don’t like my attitude? Send me an email at 

What are your pet peeves?
Featured Recipe:   Stuffed Green Peppers Greek Style

I have not shared recipes or answered all questions that everyone asked for on the last MTTD Reader Survey. I haven’t forgotten you. Over the next few weeks I will try and respond to all requests.

On that last reader survey some one asked for Greek recipes. I don’t have very many Greek recipes. Well, actually, I don’t have any. What I have are a couple of meals approximating Greek. If I want Greek I go to Anna’s here in Columbus.

The few recipes I call Greek use feta cheese and/or lots of oregano.  After eating stuffed peppers at Anna’s once I thought if I just use feta cheese instead of Parmesan cheese in my recipe for stuffed peppers I would have her recipe. And basically that is true. Although hers are still better!!

You can make any salad a Greek salad.  Just make a regular garden salad but add feta cheese and then make simple lemon vinaigrette and add some oregano. I love the smell of oregano! Really love it!!! I mean really, really, really love it!!!

I also make a Greek shrimp dish where I just marinate the shrimp in lemon vinaigrette with plenty of oregano, grill and then and serve on some greens.

I often get Greek lemon potatoes at Anna’s. So delish. I have tried to make them at home. I have even tried half a dozen recipes from the internet. I just can’t get mine like Anna’s. But I keep trying.

That is the extent of my Greek cooking.

I do make fairly decent Greek stuffed peppers though and so I offer that recipe for you today.

You can lower the cost of this recipe by substituting Parmesan cheese for the feta. The feta cheese is by far the most expensive item in this dish. But it is also what gives this a Greek flavor. And even with the feta the cost per person is less that $2.00.

Here is what you will need for 6 people:

1 pound ground chuck

1/3 cup onion finely chopped

3 medium green peppers

3 – 8 ounce cans tomato sauce

¼ cup water

3 tablespoons feta cheese

pepper to taste

½ cup Minute rice

NOTE: I used only 2 pepeprs because I do not need 3. Two is plenty for just  little ‘ole me. But I made the filling for 3 peppers per the recipe. I will just have some filling leftover. The cost analysis is for 3 peppers, not two.

Here is what you do:

Brown the ground chuck.

While chuck is browning wash and cut the peppers in half. Remove the membranes and the seeds…….

………..and place them in a baking dish.

Dice the onions.

Drain the chuck. I do that by using a turkey baster to suck the fat up. Easier than having to lift a heavy hot skillet and pour it out. I put the fat into my ‘fat bowl’ that I keep in the freezer. When it is full I throw it in the trash.

In the picture of the cooked beef above the fat has already been drained.

Now stir in the onions, 1½ cans of the tomato sauce, the water, 2 tablespoons of the cheese, and the pepper. No salt is needed as the feta cheese is extremely salty.

Cover and cook 3 to 5 minutes.

Now stir in the rice and let stand covered about 7 minutes. I do not have a cover big enough for this skillet so I just cover it with aluminum foil. Works fine.

Now spoon the beef rice mixture into each half pepper and place in a baking dish.

Top the peppers with more tomato sauce and more cheese.  Add about ¼ inch of water to the bottom of the pan along with a bit of the tomaot sauce.

Reserve some of the tomato sauce to pour over the cooked peppers when serving too. Same for the cheese.

Ready for the oven.

Heat covered in a 350 degree oven about 10 to 15 minutes until peppers are tender. I do not like my peppers over cooked. I like them crisp tender and still a vibrant green. I don’t like them all soggy. Remove from the oven and let stand another 5-7 minutes before serving.

Pour some more tomato sauce over the peppers and add a bit more feta cheese.

Serve with a salad and lemon potatoes.

I’ve eaten two bites already. I couldn’t control myself. I couldn’t wait. I just couldn’t!!!

I have no self control.

And, yes. I tried another recipe for Greek Lemon Potatoes today. They were OK. They were a bit too lemony and soft for me. Anna’s have just a slight hint of lemon and are not too soft.

I will share the lemon potato recipe with you tomorrow.

Yes. A rare Saturday post.

If any of you have a Greek Lemon Potato recipe you would like to share with us by all means, please, please, pretty-please on bended knee,  share it. I will try them and share the results on MTTD with full credit to the readres who share a recipes.

1 pound ground chuck                       $2.99

1/3 cup onion chopped                      $0.53

3 green medium peppers                   $2.97

3 – 8 ounce cans tomato sauce          $0.99

¼ cup water                                       ——

3 tablespoons feta cheese                 $1.41

pepper to taste                                 ——

½ cup Minute rice                             $0.36

Total cost for 6 people = $9.25
Cost per person = $1.54

Bon Appetit!!!!

Quote of the Day:  You can easily forgive a child that is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.   Plato

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6 comments to Pet Peeves

  • The "other" Roberta

    Great pet peeves! Reading these made me feel as if you were right there talking to me! I could just hear you saying these very words!

  • Great post, Roberta. One of my pet peeves is credit card companies that decide to “reward” me by sending a new card with a NEW ACCOUNT NUMBER. (They must have it out for me because I pay my bill in full.) This means, if I have any automatic monthly payments on that card, I have to contact every one of them and change the information.

    The cable company (where I get my Internet access) can’t handle this. Twice they’ve charged me a late fee for changing my automatic payment information. So, I have to call them up, complain to the poor person in customer service, and get it straightened out. I’ve solved this by moving those monthly payments to my checking account, or if that’s not an option, to the one credit card that never seems to “reward” me like this.

    • Roberta

      That’s terrible, Jan.!!!! I did not know credit card companies did that. I do not sign up for any automatic payments. I want to be in total and complete control of my money flow. After reding what they do to you I NEVER will. Shylock never thought of the ways to get blood from a turnip as well as modern banks and corporations do.

  • Amen to #2. Exactly how I feel. I waste so much time at the grocery store looking (praying?) for smaller versions of everything.

  • My pet peeve is about people who can’t abide the fact that other people believe different things than they do.

    I don’t want to be told what religion I should participate in.
    I don’t want to know what political party I should affiliate with.
    I don’t want to be told I shouldn’t eat meat.
    I don’t want to be given my opinion about abortion, smoking, overeating, or anything else!

    Stuffed peppers sound great!

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