I haven’t done an animal story in a long time.

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I am a sap for animal stories. The one I am sharing with you today is an old story. Seems it all occurred in 2009. I missed it. Maybe you have read about it before. But until Wednesday of this week I had not heard about, read about, or seen this one at all.

There are dozens of animal and dog stories out of Iraq and Afghanistan. I thought I had seen them all. Loved them all. And teared up at them all too.

But for some reason this story made a special impression. For some reason it touched my heart and soul like no other.

It is a story of  kindness, loyalty, triumph over adversity, and generosity.

Here are the facts.

Marine Maj. Brian Dennis spots a German Shepard/Border Collie living with a

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pack of wild dogs near his fort inIraq.

His ears had been cut off and he had been trained as a fighter dog before beingabandoned to fend for himself.

He was leery of people and it took some time but eventually  Major Dennis had the dog eating out of his hand. He named him Nubs because of the missing ears.

One day Nubs showed up with a wound in his side. It looked like some one had stuck a screwdriver into the dog. Major Dennis nursed the dog back to health.

After that soldier and dog wee inseparable.

That is until Major Dennis and his unit were given orders to relocate to another base.

As the unit drove away Nubs followed the Hummer for 2 miles or so. Major Dennis thought it would be his last view of the dog he had come to love.

But Nubs had other intentions.

Two days later he showed up at Major Dennis’s new base.

Nubs somehow followed the Marine unit the entire 70 miles across the Iraqi dessert. Nubs had to go through packs of wild dogs, wolves, and more to be with his friend. When Major Dennis first saw Nubs at the new base he thought he looked like he had been through a war zone.

After all that the entire unit felt they had to give this determined dog a place to live.

Military police said no.

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Long story short, Major Dennis sent him to his home in San Diego to stay with a friend. Major Dennis is now home too and there is a book for young readers (And for those of us who are young-at-heart too!)  and a movie about Nubs, The Story of a Mutt. Click the link to read about the book and movie.

Below is a link to a video of Nubs arriving inSan Diego. The embedding function at youTube has been disabled by request. But I can still link to the video.

Nubs Arives in San Diego.

I love happy endings.

Featured Recipe        Shrimp Divine

This is an elegant recipe. This is simplicity at its very best. Plus it is just so darn  delicious.!!!

Don’t remember where I got this recipe anymore. Actually,  I never ever had a recipe. Just had it at some parties and figured it out on my own. You can see below I barely have ingredient amounts. Just make them up as I go.

I just know that whenever I make it, it is a huge hit and it is the second thing I run out of at a  party. The first is Apples and Triple Sec.

Until today I never even had a name for this recipe. I just made that up today too.

Don’t need a recipe name when something tastes this good.

I have always wanted to form the cream cheese into the shape of a shrimp.  I think that would be so cool. But I am not artistic enough. What I need is a shrimp mold. Don’t even know if such a thing exists. But I think it would be super cool.

This is what you need for about 50-60:

1 package frozen or canned miniature shrimp.*

½  medium bottle of your favorite cocktail sauce**

2-16 ounce packages of cream cheese


*Fresh, frozen (cooked or uncooked) or canned will do.

** Or if so inclined, make your own.

Here is what you do:

If you have pre-cooked frozen shrimp defrost according to package directions. If you have frozen shrimp cook them according to package directions. If you have fresh uncooked cook them until cooked though. Cool the shrimp completely. If you use canned, drain and dry.

Soften the cream cheese and then remove from all packaging. Form the cheese into an oblong or rectangle or any shape you want for that matter. It does not need to be perfectly shaped either. No one will see it.

Place the cheese on a serving dish. Pour the cocktail sauce over the cream cheese.

See what I mean? Poof like magic you cannot see any imperctions in your cream cheese rectangle. Like magic the sauce covers all.

Layer the shrimp over the sauce.

Place some crackers around the Divine Shrimp and serve.

Sit back, relax, and wait for the compliments to come pouring in.

Bon appétit!!! 


1 package frozen miniature shrimp.*          $2.99

½ medium bottle cocktail sauce**             $0.94

2-16 ounce packages of cream cheese        $2.67

Crackers                                                   $2.50

Total cost = $9.10
50-60 appetizers = $0.18 each cracker

Quote of the Day

An optimist is a person who starts a new diet on Thanksgiving Day. 

Irv Kupcinet


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