My Love Affair With Twitter


Who would have ever thought it?

Certainly not me.

1 a twit 2I have heard and read the news stories about mean spirited and nasty people ganging up on others on Twitter, or just spewing vile and horrid words at others.  A part of Twitter is like that. I had also heard and read about the insipid nature of the beast. Since March of 2011 when, I signed up that has simply not been my experience at all.

I totally agree with Jonathan Zittrain, Professor of Internet law at Harvard Law School who said:

“The qualities that make Twitter seem inane and half-baked are what makes it so powerful.”

Twitter is so much more than just posting snappy or snarky statements and retorts to others. Twitter is far more than just tweeting where you are and what you are doing right now.  Twitter is far more than just the famous and glamorous being……….well being famous and glamorous!

Instead, what I have found on Twitter is hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of intelligent, interesting, good, decent, wonderful, hard-working, funny, loving, caring, generous, and competent people in all walks of life, in every sort of career, and in every corner of the world.

Twitter teems with humanity.

My Twitter friends give me hope for both my nation and the world.

It took me a while, about six months, to learn the lay of the land, to know how to meet people; and to turn meeting people into making friends. But it can be done.

My circle of Twitter friends is a wide one and includes people not only in America, but in Australia, Eastern and Western Europe, The Mediterranean area, Africa, Newfoundland, South America, Canada, and the Mid East.

Found My Only Sister

And I certainly cannot leave out my dear sweet adopted sister in Thailand. Yes, I have a wonderful sister in Thailand.  It is a long story how we became sisters. I will save that story for another day. My wish is that some day I will be able to travel to Thailand and meet my sister in person.

I often tell the uninitiated that Twitter is better than the world-wide pen pals I had in elementary school as a child. Best of all, unlike pen pals back in the 1950’s, communication on Twitter is in real time. No longer do I have to wait and wait and wait for months and months for news to arrive via regular mail.

As an example, when there is a flood in Thailand I don’t just read or see the clinical news reports. I know and feel in my 1 a twit 6heart through only 140 characters at a time the pain and the hard work of individual people cleaning up their cities and homes. Their pain becomes my pain. Their struggle becomes my struggle. And I am privileged to share in their triumph over the vagaries of Mother Nature.

Twitter brings people together more than divides them.

In addition to that, Twitter has:

Heart, Soul, and Tears

In addition to the above my Twitter friends have heart and soul too. If one of us is feeling down or blue Twitter friends are there to give support and love.

The Power of 140 Characters

And all in just 140 characters. Seems so little. But it is so much. Believe it or not, a lot of love and caring can be conveyed in 140 characters.

I have cried with people as they watch their marriage dissolve, their children deal with illness, their parents die. Twitter is life and death.

Debates are lively, spirited and passionate. But no one calls names or goes away mad. Live and let live is the motto.

Love life on the rocks? Again, Twitter friends are there to help and lend a shoulder to cry on.

No problem is too small for a Twitter friend to deal with.  They always have time to lend an ear.

I can count on my Twitter friends. And they can count on me. We support each other.  I have worked in businesses that do not even know the concept of support.

Twitter is a blessing on this journey of life.

Biggest Cook Book in the Universe

1 a cookbookThis is another reason I like Twitter so much. There are lots and lots of cooks and foodies who share their expertise and recipes to everyone on Twitter. And the quality of these recipes is top notch!

I swear on a stack of Bibles, Twitter must be the largest cookbook ever in the history of the Universe. Recipes fly at breakneck speeds across the Twitternets and the four corners of the globe every single day twenty-four hours a day. There must be a million recipes a day shared every day on Twitter.

The mainstream media bemoan and cry that no one cooks any more. And the Food Police shrilly scold that we don’t eat right. Both are so wrong. Based on my Twitter friends there is still family time round a dinner table loaded with delicious home cooked food at least a couple of times a week.

Twitter friends feed the stomach as well as the heart and soul.


I think Twitter has helped to turn bacon into a Super Star Extraordinaire. At least my friends have. We talk about bacon a lot. And I mean a LOT!!!!!  Well, actually, we talk about bacon about 22 hours a day. We tweet pictures of and bacon recipes like there is no tomorrow. This bacon salad is my favorite. I have never seen bacon used as creatively as I have seen on Twitter. Bacon roses are a beautiful thing too.

1 a Bacon Salad

1 a bacon roses

Without twitter I would have never known of all these fantastic dishes. Before Twitter bacon was just served at breakfast and as a sandwich for lunch.  Today I have a gazillon ways to use and eat bacon.

Silliness and Laughter

When I am on Twitter I laugh a lot!

My Twitter friends are also some of the funniest people on earth.  I never knew so many people have such fantastic senses of humor until I met them on Twitter. Their sense of humor is one-thousand percent better than the pabulum served up on insipid TV sit-coms these days. I would rather laugh with my Twitter friends than watch a dumb, trite, and crass sitcom on TV.

My Twitter friends make me laugh and laugh and laugh till my stomach hurts. And as everyone knows, laughter is the best medicine. At the rate my Twitter friends make me laugh, I am going to healthily live forever.

MEMO To Twitter Management:

1 a twit 3


I know you are rushing quickly and head long into monetizing Twitter. There is nothing wrong with that and much that is good including stimulating a sluggish economy.

However, I hope you will also recognize, cherish, treasure, and equally promote the human side of Twitter. In a world grown smaller and in a world with many tensions, it is a good thing to promote people just being friends and sharing their lives, cultures, laughter, and tears with each other.

In Closing

These reasons are why I do not apologize for spending so much time on Twitter. It is love and caring.  It is food and sharing. It is fun and laughing. It is life itself. I would never give it up for all the tea in China. Or even money in Fort Knox.

Thank you one and all my Twitter Friends. You enrich my life in many, many ways every single day.

Now, if only we could work on stopping all those Twitter outages and down times!

Featured Recipe        Chicken Ala’ Orange


Quick and easy and delicious too.  Easy on the budget as well.

This is what you will need for 3 people:

3 boneless skinless chicken breasts

1 – 13 oz can mandarin oranges

½ cup brown sugar

¼ cup soy sauce

Pinch of mace – optional

About 4-6 tablespoons of flour

1-2 teaspoons paprika

3 tablespoons butter

2 tablespoons canola oil

Salt and pepper to taste


Here is what you do:

Heat the oven to 350 degrees F.

Combine the orange juice, (Set the oranges aside.) brown sugar, soy sauce, and mace and mix well. Set aside.


Pat the chicken dry with some paper towels.

Lightly salt and pepper the chicken. GO EASY. Keep in mind, the flour will also have salt in it.


Place the flour, paprika, salt and pepper in a plastic baggie. Shake and mix well. Add each chicken breast one at a time to the bag. Shake to coat with flour.




Heat the oil in the pan over high heat.


Then add the butter and swirl in the skillet till completely melted.


Add the chicken to the skillet and lightly brown the chicken on both sides.




Place the chicken breasts in a baking dish or pan…………


……..and pour the juice mixture over the chicken and place in the oven.


Bake for 10-15 minutes, or until an internal thermometer reaches 160 degrees, turning once during the cooking.



Add the orange slices to the pan the last 5 minutes of cooking.


Plate the chicken and spoon the sauce with oranges over the chicken. Serve with rice pilaf and a salad.



NOTE: For aesthetic purposes only and to have a color contrast in the picture I added some sliced green onions to the dish today.

I have never done that before with this recipe. Not only did the picture look prettier, there was a nice taste contrast too.

Bon appétit!!!

3 boneless chicken breasts              $5.13

1 – 13 oz can mandarin oranges      $2.49

½ cup brown sugar                        $0.40

¼ cup soy sauce                            $0.76

Pinch of mace – optional                  $0.07

Abt 4-6 tbsons of flour                     $0.12

1-2 teaspoons paprika                     $0.75

3 tablespoons butter                        $0.24

2 tablespoons canola oil                   $0.09

Salt and pepper to taste                  ——

Total cost = $10.05
Cost per person = $3.35

Quote of the Day

When traditional journalists were forced to leave the country, Twitter became a window for the world to view hope, heroism, and horror.

It became the assignment desk, the reporter, and the producer. And, because of this, Twitter and its creators are worthy of being considered for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Twitter has been criticised as a time-waster – a way for people to inform their friends about the minutiae of their lives, 140 characters at a time.

But in the past month, 140 characters were enough to shine a light on Iranian oppression and elevate Twitter to the level of change agent.

Even the government of Iran has been forced to utilise the very tool they attempted to squelch to try to hold on to power.

Mark Pfeifle

Former US security adviser, saying the microblogging site was instrumental in helping document the crisis in Iran following the contested presidential election results in June 2009.


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9 comments to My Love Affair With Twitter

  • I love Twitter but I can also be swallowed up with it. Maybe it’s my personality but when I’m on there I don’t want to leave. It’s like when I was a kid and it was bedtime. I didn’t want to go because I was afraid I’d miss something. I too have made wonderful friends like you and would really miss it if they wind Twitter access back like Facebook has done.

    I love chicken a l’orange. It’s been a favorite of mine since I was a little girl.

    • Roberta

      I have to admit there is an addictive quality to Twitter. I don’t want to leave either. I am still a kid in a bigger body. 🙂

  • Just a thought, if one watches the news, there might now be more tea in China than money in Fort Knox.

    I have to agree that of all the social media platforms, twitter is the most fun and the one I still spend time on after almost completely abandoning all the others.

    • Roberta

      Well, Peter, if it is any consolation – and it is not for me – there is probably gold in Ft. Knox. It is just not worth anything any more.

      Except for Twitter I am only also signed up for FB. I do not use it. As you say. Not nearly as much fun as Twitter.

      BTW – I like tea.

  • I love twitter and bacon and laughter and this chicken recipe!

  • Being British born and a “colonial”, I was weaned on tea, still drink it morning noon and night. However since coming to Canada, I have discovered that all cars and small trucks seem to be programmed to follow the “Drive Thru” sign for Tim Hortons. That has caused me to develop a taste for “double double” coffee.

    • Roberta

      I did not realize that North American cars were so programmed. That explains a lot. Like why my car heads straight for Chick fil A. 🙂