My Favorite Memories of July 4th


Today I have a real treat for you.  Maureen, a Yank in Australia, is doing a Guest Post for us on the topic of her Fourth of July memories growing up in Ocean Point, Maine.

Maureen is also a special friend of mine and I am thrilled to have her do a Guest Post for us.

And she is including a fantastic recipe for Strawberry Ice Cream and Macaroon Ice Cream Sandwiches. I am telling you, these are to die for.

Maureen is also proprietor of the fantastic cooking website, The Orgasmic Chef. There you will find some of the most delicious recipe this side of heaven. I hope you will all visit Maureen’s site.

And to make it easy for you I have added Maureen’s site to MTTD’s Blog Roll. Just click the link to the right and you can be in Australia in no time at all.

I should have done this months ago and apologize for never getting round to it. Be sure to check out Maureen’s Onion Rings. They are simply fantastic.

So with no further ado………..

My Favorite Memories of July 4th
Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwiches

Thanks to Roberta for letting me do a guest post on her blog.  In  addition to a great recipe that is always economical to make, I always learn something from her posts that I didn’t know before.  I’m really glad that she’s BFF.

It’s coming up to the 4th of July and my favorite memories of that day growing up are from Ocean Point, Maine.  There was a wacky 4th of July parade every year where everyone joined in (looking quite silly) and then there were picnics on the rocks, lobsters and clams cooked on the shore and everyone was happy that day.

Ocean point sticks out 5 miles into the Atlantic ocean and the water is ALWAYS cold, but we’d wade out anyway to collect starfish and sand dollars.  We’d bring them back and my mother would roll her eyes.  These things did not smell good as they dried out.  I have wonderful childhood memories of our time at Ocean Point.  There was a big casino, hotel, stone chapel, swimming holes, huge rock pools and beautiful scenery and parents could let the kids out early in the morning and not worry about them till they got hungry.  Kids today don’t get enough unstructured playtime I reckon. 

If  it’s summer for you right now (or if you like ice cream all the time like we do) these ice cream sandwiches are great for coconut lovers. It takes only 5 minutes to get the cookies on the sheet and only 10-12minutes in the oven and bam……. it’s done. Well, it’s done if you buy your ice cream.

We went to the big farmers market this morning and bought heaps of first of the season strawberries.  They were big and red and juicy – here I’ll show you.

I saw these coconut macaroon ice cream sandwiches on the Donna Hay show and knew I had to try them.  Normally I just watch the show while I’m folding laundry or ironing (heaven forbid) but this time I wrote down the recipe because I knew it was “mine.” 

Donna was speaking to me, I was sure of it. 

Not in the same way my grandmother got dressed up because Gomer Pyle was coming on and she was sure he could see her but this combination sounded yummy to me.

Since I had these lovely strawberries I decided to make ice cream from my favorite strawberry ice cream recipe. Simply click the following link to get this wonderful Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe

While the ice cream machine was doing its thing I mixed the coconut macaroon cookies. 

Only three ingredients in these nifty cookies! 

Mix the ingredients together and then use an egg ring.  The only ones I own are silicone and they are oval – so mine aren’t as cute as they could be if I had nice round metal egg rings.  My eggs don’t stick to the silicone though!

The recipe calls for dessicated coconut and all I had was flaked, so it will take a bit longer to chew for us.  Put enough mixture in the ring for the cookie and then with the back of a spoon, flatten it and smooth it and remove the egg ring and move to the next cookie.  There will be enough for 6 cookies which will make 3 ice cream sandwiches.  If you need more than three, for every egg white you’ll need 1 cup of coconut and 1/4 cup of caster (super fine) sugar.

Recipe for coconut macaroons for the ice cream sandwiches:

     2 cups dessicated coconut
     1/2 cup caster (super fine) sugar
     2 egg whites


     Pre-heat oven to 320°F (160° C)
     Mix all ingredients together
     Divide into 6 portions
     Shape using an egg ring and smooth with the back of a spoon
     Bake for 10 to 12 minutes until edges are nicely caramelized
     Cool completely

Match the macaroons by size and turn one upside down and place one scoop of ice cream on it and place the other macaroon right side up  on top
and gently press down till the ice cream reaches the edges.

You should freeze them for a few hours if you can stand it, but we always eat them right away and use lots of napkins for the drips.  Enjoy!

P.S.  I made these the same size Donna Hay did.  But next time I would make them thinner and smaller.  I had to put half of mine back in the freezer because I couldn’t get it down.  It might be okay as a treat but it’s too much for a dessert.

Another picture of this wonderful Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwich. Stop that drooling. You know Maureen and I can see you. Of course, we have eaten all the sandwiches ourselves so we are licking our lips.

Nifty Noshing!!!!

Thank you Maureen for sharing your memories and your recipes. More Thyme readers are on an ice cream and sugar high by now with all of the great ice cream and dessert recipes we have been sharing lately. But I am hearing no complaints.

But this recipe was by far the best of the bunch.

I hope MTTD readers let Maureen know how much they liked both your memories post and the recipe by leaving a big American “Thank You”  in the Comments Section.


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