More Too Darn Hot To Cook Recipes


None of these recipes or pictures is going to win any food contest or food awards.

These are just plain and simple eats. They are fast, no cook, or little cook recipes for when time is short, budget is tight, and it is too darn hot to slave over a hot stove.

When I worked many times these were my breakfasts. They were ready in under 5-15 minutes. I still have them for breakfast some times just because they taste good.

You could also have them for lunch or dinner too.

Hard Boiled Eggs with Pesto Sauce

I almost always have hard boiled eggs in my fridge. I make some on Sunday night for the coming week.

Here is the pesto recipe again. Pesto Sauce

You can keep it in the fridge for up to 5 days.

You could also use store bought.

Just peel your hard boiled eggs, drizzle with some Pesto Sauce and serve with some bacon and fruit. Voilà. Almost instant breakfast.

Or sometimes I will just eat the eggs with some cheese and sesame crackers. Very filling.

Scrambled Eggs with Stuff

You can slice and dice almost anything and sauté in some butter or oil and then add scrambled eggs to it.

That is all I did here. I used diced ham. You can use left over ham, or do what I did. Get some at the grocery store.

I just warmed a couple of tablespoons of the already diced ham in some butter, then I added a scrambled egg and cooked to my desired doneness. Then I added some diced green onions on top. When I can find them I add diced Sweet Hungarian Peppers on top. That is comfort food for me as my mom used to fix scrambled eggs and top them with the peppers when I was a child.

You could also serve this with or on toast instead of the sesame crackers I used. You could also use this as a filing in a sandwich or Pita bread. Serve with some fruit and voilà another quick and easy and little cook lunch or dinner.

You can add what ever is in your fridge: vegetables, left overs, or get some thing new and exciting at the store to add to some scrambled eggs.

Food doesn’t always have to be picture perfect or pretty as a picture. Sometimes food can just be well….food.

Bon appétit

No cost analysis today. But these recipes are all as inexpensive to make as they are fast and easy.

Stay cool my friends!




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5 comments to More Too Darn Hot To Cook Recipes

  • Scrambled eggs is what I eat when I can’t be bothered cooking. A piece of sourdough toast and some Gordon Ramsay scrambled eggs and I’m perfectly content.

  • Scrambled eggs are a fast and easy meal when I hate to cook. Thanks for the recipes.

    • Roberta

      Welcome, Janna. Thing I like about eggs is they are so versatile. They are also inexpensive and therefore a great bargain. Did I mention healthy? Or delicious.

  • Roberta, I love the hard boiled eggs and pesto. I love pesto on anything and everything. thanks for the wonderful recipe! How are you doing in all the heat? Today it is 102˚F in Indiana and I can not wait for cooler weather!

    • Roberta

      Hi Kate: Glad you like the eggs and pesto. They really are super great. I am so humble. LOL 🙂 Like everyone I am getting by in this heat. Hard though. Waiting for fall like everyone too. I do not like the weather extremes. Spring and fall are my favorite seasons. 102 degrees. Whew!! too much. Just 91 here today. Stay cool my dear freind. Stay cool. *hugs*