Money and Time Saving Tips


No recipe today.  Just sharing some information I hope you will find useful as well as save you some time and money. 

First up, from John Tesh’s blog:  Cut hundreds off of your grocery bill every month by taking just these five items off your shopping list: 

1. Bottled water is extremely expensive. Tap water costs at least 500 times less and is just as safe; sometimes safer. Many times bottled water is just tap water anyway packaged in plastic bottles with an exotic looking label.

 Even if you factor in the cost of a filter, tap water is still the better bargain. If you absolutely must have ultra-filtered, distilled water because you’re bottle feeding a baby, or have other health issues, buy the big jugs from a discount store. Or go down to your local grocery store. Many of them have a machine that charges you 50 cents or a dollar to fill your own five gallon jug.

HEALTH ALERT!!  Many of the plastic bottles water comes in leach chemicals into the water and are not safe. Choose your water bottles very carefully in order to prevent chemicals in the plastic from leaching into your water. Click the link in this paragraph to learn how to tell if the plastic water bottle you use is safe or not. 

2. Fancy frozen veggie mixes. Sure, you can buy a bag of frozen peas in herb butter or organic corn salsa, but why not make your own? Just buy peas, cook ’em up, add butter and herbs from the pantry, and voila! You’ve saved yourself more than half the cost.

3. Frozen premium juice bars. These can cost up to two dollars per bar! Instead throw two cups of any fruit into your blender with a tablespoon of sugar and a little lemon juice. Whiz it up, pour it into paper cups or a Popsicle mold and freeze it. They’re cheaper, they’re all natural, and you can get any flavor you want.

4. Boxed rice dishes. These are just rice with salt and herbs that you probably already have in your cupboard, but they’re way more expensive than all the ingredients combined.

5. Spice mixes and grill seasonings. These can be five or six dollars for a few ounces! Look online or in cookbooks for a spice rub mix recipes and make your own with the spices in your pantry. You’ll get ten times the amount for the same price.

Number Two:

Supercook is a brand new website and recipe search engine that finds recipes you can make with the ingredients you already have in your cupboard at home. Just click the link to take you directly to Supercook.

This site would be especially helpful for those days when you don’t know what to fix for dinner and you don’t have much in the pantry either. Simply enter the ingredients you do have on hand and the site searches its database and comes up with recipes using your ingredients.

How cool is that?

Went to a Strawberry Festival this weekend. To continue our Summer’s Bounty series More Thyme’s next post will include some fresh strawberry recipes for you. How does Strawberry Butter sound? Or a Strawberry Spread for your toast? And as always, these recipes are quick and easy and budget friendly as well.

Till then, Bon Appetite!!!

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