Missouri Man Wins $258.5 Million Jackpot

Rags to riches story are a dime a dozen. Same with lottery winners.

But the news out of Missouri was some how different. This week’s story about the winner of the Missouri Powerball lottery some how and for some reason touched my heart. I think it was his down-to-earth, unassuming almost bewildered manner that won me over. Christopher Shaw, 29 won the largest payout in Missouri history, 258.5 million dollars.

Chris was making just $7.25 an hour at a convenience store before his win. He had $28.96 in his checking account and lots of bills to pay.

Shaw says he is a “day-by-day type of person,” so his thoughts about what he will do with the money are simple. “I’ll take care of debts,” he said.  “I need to get all of that squared away first.”

“We didn’t come from money,” Chris said. “For us it’s just going to be a huge relief to know I’m going to be able to pay my electric bill, my gas bill. It’s like a weight lifted. I had bills at home I didn’t know how they were going to be paid.”

“That amount of money to me is like a fairy tale,” Shaw said. “I’m just a regular guy working paycheck to paycheck .”

Shaw had been working at the convenience store for only three weeks when he decided to buy the Powerball ticket, cigarettes and a soda at the end of his shift Wednesday.

You can watch Chris find out he really had the winning ticket below.


Every once in a while an honest-to-goodness feel-good story like this comes along. Every once in a while there is a lottery winner that you feel truly deserves a bit of good luck in his life. We wish you well Chris. Stories like this, winners like this don’t happen that often. Savor the moment.

And congratulations Chris. You earned it.

Featured Recipe       Sautéed Cherry Tomatoes

Today’s recipe is a side dish. It is so delicious that you would think it would take hours to get all that yummy, juicy deliciousness. But it is super simple.

This side dish can be served with pork chops, chicken, or steak, if we all can ever afford steak again. I have eaten this as a full meal with a hunk of good bread to sop up the juices. It is very filling. I have even eaten left-overs of this for breakfast with a poached egg on top.

This is what you will need:

1 package of grape tomatoes           $2.49

1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil      $  .19

1 large garlic clove or 2 small           $  .26

A splash or two of red wine vinegar  $ .10

Salt and pepper to taste

Total Cost                  $3.04

Cost per person         $1.01

Here is what you do:

Slice the garlic, not too thin so it will not burn.

Heat the olive oil over medium low high heat.

Add the garlic and cook until it just begins to brown around the edges.

NOTE: Do not burn the garlic. It will make the dish bitter.

Increase the heat to medium high and add the grape tomatoes.

Cook the tomatoes until they begin to wrinkle, pop and give up their juices.

Remove the garlic if it starts to burn. All you want to do is give the oil a hint of garlic flavor.

Continue to sauté the tomatoes until they begin to collapse. Then spash with some of the red wine vinegar.

Serve with a side dish or as a full meal with a nice hunk of bread. I have a whole wheat bun here with sesame seeds, poppy seeds, and sunflower seeds. No butter necessary as you can sop up the juices from the tomatoes with the bread. The roll I have pictured here would add $.57 per person to the cost of the dish.

As always my friends, remember, you can still eat well, healthy and inexpensively even during a recession. Even if you didn’t win the lottery.

Bon Appetite!!!

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