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Children’s Craving of Sugar May Be Genetic

We are born liking sweet tastes. However, recent research has shed more light on this preference. Seems the preference for liking sweets is genetically hardwired into the brain from Day One.

The npr article says:

A reason for this may be that a preference for sweet, caloric substances during rapid growth may have given children as an evolutionary advantage when calories were scarce. That notion is supported by the fact that sugar doesn’t just taste good to children -– it actually makes them feel good, too.

 Did you know sugar is also a natural pain reliever in children?

No matter how much sugar children were given in this study they still wanted more. Seems while children’s bodies are growing they never tire of sugar.

However, as we age our taste for sugar changes. When growth stops, teenagers have tastes more similar to adults. How this happens is still a mystery.

This does not mean children should eat all of the sugar they want. However, we now know why and know that it is normal.

New Research: Best Diet Is the One-Third Diet

According to UPI dot com  meals made up of one-third protein, one-third fat and one-third carbohydrates allow the body to function best, researchers in Norway found.

“Both low-carb and high-carb diets are wrong,” Johansen said. “But a low-carb diet is closer to the right diet. A healthy diet shouldn’t be made up of more than one-third carbohydrates — up to 40 percent of calories — in each meal, otherwise we stimulate our genes to initiate the activity that creates inflammation in the body.

You can get a bit more detail in this short article by clicking the link above.

This diet is very similar to my common sense approach to diet first espoused here on June 12, 2010 in Common Sense Nutrition and Diet. That is, eat pretty much what you want,  just eat less of it. Everything in moderation; including moderation is my motto.

Good to see some research is finally catching up to good ‘ole common sense.

Featured Recipe    Bob Evans Sausage Sandwich

For some reason fall and sausage seem to go together. It is available all year round, but still sausage just seems like it is a fall dish.

It is kind of like eating apples and Fritos together during fall. It is just a fall thing to do.

Regular readers here know I love Bob Evans sausage. It really is great sausage.

They used to have this sandwich on their restaurant menu. They took it off years ago. Up until a few years ago you could still order one and they would make it up special for you.

But it is so simple any one can make it.

This is great as a lunchtime sandwich, or on busy weeknights. It is even a great tailgating party sandwich.

You can make it with other kinds of sausage, however just plain ‘ole regular sweet sausage is best.


There are three layers of sweet in it that makes biting into this sandwich heavenly divine. I mean I hear celestial choirs of angels singing Halleluiah when I bite into his sandwich. I am transported to heights of heavenly bliss when I eat this sandwich.


Where else are you going to get a celestial choir of angels to sing to you for only $1.18 per person?

This is what you will need:

Pork Sausage

Sweet onion such as Vidalia

Sweet pickles


Here is what you do:

Form a patty with about ¼ pound of sausage.

Place it in a hot skillet and let brown on both sides.

I cover with a lid for part of the cooking time to make sure it cooks through.

While the sausage is cooking slice the onion.

When the sausage is cooked through place it on a bun, add a slice of onion, and then some sweet pickles on top.

Serve with a salad or some fruit. Baked beans or pork & beans would be great go-with too.

Now how easy is that???  Especially when you get  free a celestial choir of angels singing Halleluiah with this meal. I mean it doesn’t get any better than that!

Bon appétit!!!


Pork Sausage             $0.82

Sweet onion               $0.13

Sweet pickles             $0.03

Buns                          $0.20

Total cost = $1.18
Cost per person = $1.18

Quote of the Day

When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it. 

Henry Ford.


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