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Since I want to inform you of these items in a timely fashion I will continue with the series People I Miss in my next post.

Today’s first item is an update or more precisely a continuation of these three posts:  Popping Pills, Your Health forSale and the Medicare piece I published last week.

A brief concise summary of all three of those posts is that the health care industry is pushing more and more unnecessary medicine, procedures, and pills on an unsuspecting public simply for greed.

1. Straight From Today’s Headlines

Did you see or hear this news item? This one is so egregious that even cynical grumpy ‘ole me was shocked by it.

Medical Center Performing Heart Procedures On Patients Who Did Not Need Them

Yes. You read that correctly. Doctors were performing unnecessary heart surgery on patients.

Anytime you cut open a human body it could be dangerous. It is a very serious matter. Modern medicine and surgical procedures are a marvel and save many lives.

Nevertheless doctors should not be performing surgery WHEN IT IS NOT NEEDED. Never.

The New York Times headline blared: 

Hospital Chain Inquiry Cited Unnecessary Cardiac Work

A nurse claimed the medical center:

……had been performing heart procedures on patients who did not need them, putting their lives at risk.


In less than two months, an internal investigation by HCA concluded the nurse was right.


HCA, the largest for-profit hospital chain in theUnited States with 163 facilities, had uncovered evidence as far back as 2002 and as recently as late 2010 showing that some cardiologists at several of its hospitals inFlorida were unable to justify many of the procedures they were performing.


Although the nurse who first reported this was found to be right, he still lost his job. Can you believe it?

You can read the entire article by clicking the following link: Unnecessary Surgeries.

I guess the Hippocratic Oath means nothing any more. I guess the dictum, “First, do no harm,” has no relevance in today’s world.

Doctors can call me the “B” word and a non-compliant patient all they want. I am, without apology, still going to ask them questions and be a pain in their sides.

2. Doctors and Medicare

The premise of my recent post on Medicare was that more doctors were abusing the program than patients. In the Medicare post I gave some personal examples. A week or so after that post was published I found these two advertisements in a local newspaper:


Get a FREE Talking Meter and diabetic testing supplies at NO COST, plus FREE home delivery! …..Call 000-000-0000



Get FREE CPAP Replacement Supplies at NO COST, plus FREE home delivery! ……Call 000-000-0000.


I guess if you have diabetes or sleep apnea and are NOT on Medicare you are just crap out of luck. Bold in both examples above are mine.

3. Today’s third item is new information about popping pills.

A recent study suggests:  “Most People Who Take Blood Pressure Medication Possibly Shouldn’t. An independent analysis finds no real benefit for people with mild hypertension.”

Patients are thus,  “…..are subject to the possible harms of drug treatment without any benefit. “

Modern medicines are powerful. It never hurts to ask a few more questions and to be a bit leery before taking any prescription drug.

To read the entire article click the following link: Blood pressure.


The drought in the middle of the country is devastating. Much corn is lost.

But there are still some places where the corn crop is still decent to good. One of those places is here in Ohio. We got rain just in the nick of time.

The stores are filled with corn and I am happy to say I bought some and it was sweet and delicious.

5. Correction

In my post on Medicare I wrote:

“The program itself is worthwhile, especially the preventative testing component. I can now get a mammogram and other similar preventive tests like this for a $10 co-pay. I used to pay full price when I had no insurance. This indeed is a  wonderful benefit!”

This is incorrect.

Medicare itself does not pay for this benefit. This comes from my Medicare Advantage Plan. It is still a great benefit, but is not part of Medicare. I have made a correction note on the actual post itself too.

6. Change

Today I am trying something new in the recipe section. I am showing the picture of the finished Featured Recipe at the beginning of the recipe section, underneath the recipe title, instead of at the end of the recipe directions.

What do you think? Do you like it there better than at the end. Please give me your feedback. I really want to know what you think. Thanks.

Featured Recipe    Hungarian Beets in Sour Cream

Hungarians use lots of sour cream in their recipes. They put it in and on almost every thing. I don’t know why. If any of you know why please let me know in the Comments Section below. This might also make a good blog post on its own. So maybe I should do some research of my own.

This is a super easy and a very pretty salad or cold side dish. Enough of the United States is still in triple digit temperatures so here is some good eats without adding more heat to your life.

If you cut the beets in a small dice you can also use this recipe as a dip for vegetables. It is great at a party.

The horseradish is what makes this dish so special!

The recipe is easily doubled, even tripled.

At only $0.66 per serving this is definitely a Recession Buster Recipe.

This is what you will need for 2 people:

1 -8 ounce can of beets

4 tablespoons sour cream

1 teaspoon beet juice

¼ teaspoon prepared horseradish

1teaspoon brown sugar

Salt and pepper to taste

NOTE: I used a couple of sprigs of thyme for garnish and decoration only. It is not needed for the dish. The garnish is not used in the cost analysis below and is not pictured above. But you can see  it on the finished dish above.

Here is what you do:

Reserve 1 teaspoon of the juice from the can of beets. Then drain the beets.

Stack slices of beets 3 or 4 slices high and slice the beets into strips……

…..and place in a bowl.

Sprinkle the sliced beets with salt and pepepr to tatste, and add in the brown sugar as well. Gently mix together and set aside.

Place the sour cream in a separate bowl and add the 1 teaspoon of the beet juice you saved and the horseradish.


Mix together well. Isn’t that a gorgeous color? So pretty. Looks like cotton candy doesn’t it.

Add the sour cream mixture to the beets and gently fold in.

Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and put in the fridge for  at least 30 minutes.

Serve as a salad or a cold side dish. If you cut the beets up in a very fine dice you can also use this a s a dip for vegetables at your next party.

MENU PLANNING ~ Since you will have lots of sour cream left over you could make Hamburger Stroganoff with it. The pink of the Beets in Sour Cream would be a lovely contrast with the Hamburger Stroganoff.

Bon appétit!!!


1 -8 ounce can of beets        $0.92

4 tablespoons sour cream     $0.32

1 teaspoon beet juice           No cost , included in cost of beets

¼ teaspoon horseradish       $0.01

1teaspoon brown sugar        $0.06

Salt and pepper to taste

Total cost = $1.31
Cost per person = $0.66

Definitely a Recession Buster Recipe©

Quote of the Day

A hospital should also have a recovery room adjoining the cashier’s office. 

Francis O’Walsh


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  • That’s similar to my beet salad but I have a hint of garlic in mine. I love it. I like the photo at the beginning to know what I’m going to get. Why not post one at the beginning and one at the end. 🙂

    How do you cook your corn? I’m SO far behind the times but I’ve used the microwave method where you cook, cut the end of and the cob falls out and that’s okay with one or two cobs. I now use the boil the water in the pan, pop the corn in and bring it to the boil and then take it off the stove and leave it until dinner’s ready or at least 5 minutes but longer is just fine. Corn is perfect every time.

  • Ivy

    I’m going to say I like the pic at the beginning and the end. Perhaps at the beginning, just the item itself (when applicable, like the bowl of salad in this case), and at the end, paired up for the meal or recommended serving platter. Does that make sense? 🙂 Like, here’s the dish we’re going to make (pic) and now here’s what I suggest to serve it with (pic).