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The Internet Makes Us Happier

Who knew? Who would have ever thought?        

It seems after all that we are not wasting our time when we surf the internet. It has to do with being connected to others. According to an article in Time Magazine, a new study from British researchers with the United Kingdom’s Chartered Institute of IT found that having access to the Internet makes people feel better about their lives. Who would have guessed?

“Put simply, people with internet access are more satisfied with life,” one researcher tells Time.

“Our analysis suggests that the internet has an enabling and empowering role in people’s lives, by increasing their sense of freedom and control, which has a positive impact on well-being or happiness.” The study found that the correlation is steady across age groups: happiness derived from the Internet does not increase or decrease with age. It also found that women, as a group, tend to receive more joy from access to the Internet than men do. “Some benefit more than others from tapping into the information superhighway, including those with lower incomes or fewer qualifications, people living in the developing world and, perhaps most surprisingly, women,” Time reported.

So surf away. It does your heart good.

I know this much. You, my readers, make me happy when you visit this site and when you leave comments. And I love putting these posts together for you. So for me it is very true, the internet makes me happy. Very happy. Thank you for being a part of that!       

Our recipe to day is super easy and super delicious. This is a quick dinner to put together on a busy week night.

My mother used to make this dish. I don’t know if she thought it up herself, or if she got the recipe somewhere. I asked for it one day and this is what she gave me.

Featured Recipe             Pork Chops  With Wild Rice Casserole
This is what you need for 3 people:

1 – 6 ounce box long grain & wild rice

1 – 10 ½ ounce can cream of mushroom soup

1 – 4 ounce can mushrooms with liquid

3 lean pork chops (You can use up to six.)

1 ¼ cup water



Here Is What You Do:

Brown the chops in a skillet over high heat. You do not want to cook the chops, just quickly sear them. They will finish cooking in the oven.


Mix the contents of the box of rice, the soup, the mushrooms with the juices, and the water.

Pour into a casserole with a lid.

Arrange the browned pork chops on top.

If using, sprinkle with the salt. For a little color sprinkle just a little paprika on top too.

Bake covered at 350 degrees for about an hour or up to an hour and twenty minutes depending both on the thickness of your pork chops and your oven. The rice should absorb most of the liquid. I start checking after 45 minutes. If the chops are not done I may add a little more water. I don’t want either the rice or the pork to be too dry.

When most, but not all, of the water is absorbed by the rice remove the casserole from the oven. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes or so.

I serve this with a salad with tomatoes and sliced carrots and a vegetable side dish, like carrots in Tarragon Butter.



1 6 ounce box long grain & wild rice          $2.05 (sale & coupon)

1 10 ½ can cream of mushroom soup       $0.50

1 4 ounce can mushrooms                       $0.50

3-6 lean pork chops                                 $4.83 for 3

1 ¼ cup water                                        Depends on local water costs

Salt and Paprika                                      Pennies

Total cost = $7.88

Cost per person = $2.63

BONUS RECIPE: Carrots With Tarragon Butter

The carrots you see in the picture above are easy to make. I made it just for me, but all you need to do is multiply by the number of people you want to serve. I sliced 1 carrot (11 cents) into a inch rounds. I placed them along with a bit of water and 1 tablespoon of butter (15 cents) in a skillet. Over high heat I brought the water and butter to a boil. Then I covered the carrots and lowered the heat to low. I cooked them until they were crisp tender, about 7 minutes. I just keep checking with a toothpick. Drain the carrots and put another tablespoon of buter (15 cents)  in the skillet. I put the carrots back on low heat till the butter is melted. Then off the heat I add 1 teaspoon of fresh tarragon (20 cents.) Total cost for 1 person = 61 cents

The Salad

The salad has 2 leaves of Romaine lettuce, (50cents), one-eighth carrot cut into rounds (2 cents) one-fifth a tomato in chunks (16 cents) a splash of fresh lemon juice (best guess 2 cents), and 2 teaspoons olive oil (5 cents.) Total cost for 1 person = 75 cents.

Total cost per person with the salad and the side of carrots: $3.99

I doubt you can get as delicious a meal as this one  in most restaurants for just $3.99.

When I first realizied how cheap it was to make my own salad it really upset me that restaurants charge so much for salads. The least you would spend for a salad like this one is $1.25. And more likely, $2.25. And that would be for simple head lettuce, not Romaine! I don’t mind folks making a profit.  And I undersatnd overhead too. And  I strongly believe in a free market economy. But then there are obscene profits as well.

Bon Appetite.  And make someone happy today.

Kick your shoes off, relax, stretch out and listen to Bobby Darin sing, a cool, jazzy version of Make Someone Happy.



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7 comments to Make Someone Happy

  • […] my cousin. It is some what similar to one of my mom’s recipe I shared with you about a year ago, Pork with Wild Rice. It is a very filling […]

  • I’m not surprised that people feel happier with a connection. If we look back in early history we were in big groups of people and now some are really isolated. I love being able to reach out to another human, even if that human is on the other side of the globe.

    Dinner looks good!

  • I totally agree with you, gives us a wide range of knowledge, and something I never imagined, meet people from all over the world and I could be talking to them but do not know their language, and learn , take affection to people. thanks Roberta, for to belong to that part …. so important to me………GENIA ,,DIOSA (· _ · “) / \ (· _ ·”)

    • Roberta

      I so agree Maria. The internet has brought the world and people closer together than anything else to date. I also agree one of the great things about the internet, and Twitter, is having friends all over the world. I am blessed to have met you and call you friend. GENIA ,,DIOSA (· _ · “) / \ (· _ ·”)

  • thank you very much to you!!!!You kitchens as the GODS, I don’t know anything!