Living To One-Hundred


The headlines blare at us: “How To Live Longer.”

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However, in newspapers, magazines, and at the doctor’s office the list of to do’s  to achieve longevity are many and mostly negative :

don’t smoke, drink more water, restrict calories, eat less fat, consumer more antioxidants, eat dark chocolate, drink red wine, eat more vegetables and fruit, exercise more, get 8 hours of sleep, floss, watch less TV, lower cholesterol, lose weight, yada yada yada………

However, some recent research seems to throw all of this advice out the window!

According to researchers at Albert Einstein College of medicine in New York longevity is genetic.


Those who are lucky enough to qualify for a telegram from the Queen have simply been dealt a good genetic hand at birth, the study indicates.

Academics studied almost 500 people between 95 and 109 and compared them with over 3,000 others born during the same period.

They found those who lived extremely long lives ate just as badly, drank and smoked just as much, took just as little exercise and were just as likely to be overweight as their long-gone friends. [Emphasis mine.]

Stephen Adams, Medical Correspondent, The Telegraph newspaper


1 terms 2I find this all very interesting since I believe most things in life are genetic. Therefore, I believe how long we live is mostly genetic too.

What does this all mean?
This is my take.

No matter what genes I have I live in moderation. I eat what I want. But I eat less of it. Portion size is more important than what you eat.

I exercise in moderation too. I do less ‘formal’ exercise and more life exercise – cleaning house, walking, and gardening.

I am also more of a positive person and and mostly very happy. There is also research that shows people who are happy and positive live longer too. But that topic is for another day.

What do you think?
Do you even want to live to 100?


Featured Recipe    Spring Mix Strawberry Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing



I wanted something new and different to Welcome in Spring this year. So instead of the usual spinach with strawberries and poppy seed dressing I decided to use Spring Mix Greens. In addition to strawberries I added in some avocado and almonds.

This is a great salad to serve with lamb, ham, or beef.

Now we are talking spring.

If only the weather would cooperate now.

This is what you will need for 2 large salads or 4 small salads:

For the Dressing

1 small onion or ¼ of a large onion

¾ cup sugar

½ teaspoon dry mustard

1 teaspoons salt

1/3 cup vinegar

1 cup salad oil

1 teaspoon poppy seeds


Here is what you do:

Grate the onion into a bowl using a microplane fine grater.



Add sugar, dry mustard, salt and vinegar to the onion. Using a whisk blend well.



Add the salad oil a little bit at a time and blend well after each addition.


Almost done.

Almost done.



Pour into jar or container. Gently shake. Refrigerate for at least one hour.



NOTE: I did not forget them. I add the poppy seeds just before pouring onto the salad.

Shake well again before pouring over your salad.

For the Salad:

About 6 ounces spring mix greens

1 avocado

10-15 strawberries

1 small red onion or ½ of a large red onion

Slivered almonds to taste


Wash the strawberries and slice. Peel and cut the avocado into semi-large cubes. Cut the onion into small slices.


Place the greens in a large serving bowl.


Toss in the strawberries, avocados, and onions.


Give the salad a quick gentle toss with your finger tips and then top with some almonds.

Add the poppy seeds to the dressing and gently shake. Then top with the poppy seed dressing.




Ahhh the looks and tastes of spring!
Bon Appétite

For the Dressing

1 small onion                         $0.15

¾ cup sugar                          $0.36

½ tsp dry mustard                 $0.08

1 teaspoons salt                     $0.01

1/3 cup vinegar                      $0.15

1 cup salad oil                       $3.20

1 tsp poppy seeds                  $0.93

Sub Total                              $4.88

For the Salad:

About 6 oz spring greens        $2.79

1 avocado                              $3.29

10-15 strawberries                  $2.05

1 small red onion                    $0.36

Slivered almonds to taste        $0.16

Sub Total                               $8.65

Total cost =                     $13.53

Cost Two Salads = $6.77 each

Cost Four Salads = $3.38 each

Quote of the Day

It’s spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you’ve got it, you want — oh, you don’t quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!

Mark Twain


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4 comments to Living To One-Hundred

  • That’s a gorgeous Spring salad. I wish I had that here right now.

    I have no desire to live to 100. I entertained 5 people from the nursing home for lunch today and we had a great time. If I’m healthy, I’d be happy to live on but if I get sick or unable to get around, I’d prefer to shuffle off. I don’t want to be an invalid hanging around in God’s waiting room.

  • Yes, regardless of our gene pool, all things in moderation. I do think smoking is an issue though, for most people. Doesn’t seem to bother some people in the slightest!

    • Roberta

      I have read a few stories about people who smoke and live a long life. I think smoking is very harmful to most Julia.

  • I am sure it’s genetic. In Africa I witnessed many people who lived harsh lives on poor diets, drank toxic home made beer and moonshine, smoked scrap tobacco in cigarettes rolled from newspaper, rarely wore shoes, who lived into there late 80s and 90s.

    But of course they were not exposed to fast foods, fizzy drinks, cell phones or Facebook. Most could not afford cars so walked many miles each day – the women often with 4 gallon pails of water on their heads and a baby strapped to their backs.

    Makes you think.

    Yes, I do want to live to 100 or more, still too much to do.