License To Grill


The official start for summer, Memorial Day, is fast approaching!

And you all know what that means.

1 ball fire 3
Time to fire up the grill.

Cookouts and BBQs are perfect for many summer celebrations here in the good ‘ole U.S. of A:  Memorial Day, Graduations, Weddings, Baby Showers, Father’s Day, and the 4th of July.

And let us not forget my birthday in July.


Grilling is a perfect any night of the week way to cook. It is fast, easy, fun, and delicious.

However, according to the National Fire Prevention Association danger lurks:


 # In 2006-2010, U.S. fire departments responded to an average of 8,600 home fires involving grills, hibachis, or barbecues per year, including an average of 3,600 structure fires and 5,000 outside fires.

# These 8,600 fires caused annual average of 10 civilian deaths, 140 reported civilian injuries, and $75 million in direct property damage.

# In 2011, 16,600 patients went to emergency rooms because of injuries involving grills.

# Children under five accounted for one-quarter (26%) of the thermal grill burns. These were typically contact burns rather than flame burns.

# Almost one-third of the gas grill injuries were burns incurred while lighting the grill. **********

PDF Link to entire report:


1 ball fire 4Grilling Safety Tips

1. Keep a fire extinguisher, and/or a pail of sand or water near by. Make sure everyone knows basic fire response techniques ~ Stop. Drop. Roll.

2. Know how to treat burns.  Mayo Clinic Burn Treatments

3. Place the grill well away from your house, deck railings, roofs, and tree branches. Many fires begin simply because they are too close to a burnable object. Rule of thumb: 10 feet from any combustible object.

4. Keep the grill clean by removing grease and fat buildup from the grill and any drip trays.

5. One-third of all grill fires occur during the phase of lighting the grill. So be very careful.  If using a charcoal grill only use charcoal starter fluid. Never add lighter fluid to an fire. NEVER.

6. If using propane first read the Safety Booklet. Check the hose before each use. Keep hoses away from dripping grease and hot surfaces.

7. Keep children and pets away from the grill.

8. Place all grills on a level non-burnable surface.

9. Don’t wear loose clothing while grilling.

10. Never leave a burning grill, gas or charcoal unattended. NEVER.

11. Dispose charcoal coals properly. Use water to put out. Do not dispose for at least 48 hours. Never place in plastic, paper, or wood containers.

Featured Recipe        Mixed Greens Salad


I have not shared a salad recipe in some time. Today I rectify that oversight with one fantastic salad!

I think this salad will become one of your favorites, especially when you have a crowd to feed.

The mix of the three different kinds of greens is what makes this salad so mouth watering. That and the grated Parmesan cheese doesn’t hurt either!

Whether you are having a buffet, a picnic, a BBQ, or a sit down affair you can never have too much salad.

This recipe makes a boat load of salad. Best of all it is quick and easy and ever so heavenly.

This is what you will need for 6-8 people:

For the Salad

1 head ice berg lettuce

1 head Romaine lettuce

1 small head red leaf lettuce

1 – 14 ounce can artichokes in water

1 small red onion

For the Dressing

2/3 cup olive oil

1/3 cup red wine vinegar (Regina)

2/3 cup grated Parmesan cheese

Salt and pepper to taste


Here is what you do:

Wash Romaine and Red leaf lettuces and drain and dry off leaves. Remove first layer or two of the head lettuce.


Cut or tear all of the lettuces into medium sized pieces.  I tear. I like the jagged, uneven pieces I get.

NOTE: For this much lettuce I find it easiest to line some baking sheets with tea towels and place the lettuce on top.



Put in the fridge for at least one hour.  I also cover the leaves with another towel.



Thirty minutes before you want to serve the salad, whisk together the olive oil, red wine vinegar, and salt and pepper until it is emulsified and let sit for at least 30 minutes.


When ready to serve, remove the greens from the fridge and arrange on a big platter or in a salad bowl.  

NOTE: I only use half the greens at a time. I keep the rest in the fridge so that it stays cold and crisp. That and I do not have a bowl or plate large enough to hold all of the greens at once.


Drain the artichokes and pat dry. Slice the artichokes length wise. Peel and slice the red onion and separate into individual rings.




Place some of the artichokes and onion rings on the salad. Sprinkle some of the Parmesan cheese over all. 


Pour on the dressing over all.


If desired, place extra cheese on the table for folks to add more if they like.


This will soon become your favorite salad!

Bon appétit!!!


For the Salad

1 head ice berg lettuce                    $1.29

1 head Romaine lettuce                   $1.71

1 head red leaf lettuce                     $1.39

1 – 14 ounce can artichokes             $3.29

1 small red onion                            $0.90

For the Dressing

2/3 cup olive oil                               $1.15

1/3 cup red wine vinegar                  $0.72

2/3 cup Parmesan cheese                 $2.55

Salt and pepper to taste

Total cost = $ 13.00
Cost per person = $1.63 (8)
                    $2.16 (6)

Quote of the Day

There is no real need for decorations when throwing a barbecue party – let the summer garden, in all its vibrant and luscious splendour, speak for itself.

Pippa Middleton


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4 comments to License To Grill

  • If I only had a grill! I have a grill pan, but our gas grill fell apart last summer and hubs cannot decide how he wants to replace it. So he’s driving me a little nuts. I wanna grill! And I’d be grilling that lettuce too! Love grilled lettuce salads!

  • As one who has been burned badly, everyone should know what to do if they get burnt. I didn’t do the right thing, it was awful and took months to recover from horrid infections.

    I love cooking outside and in the summer it’s all the time and even in the winter it doesn’t get cold enough not to cook outside. We just need a sweater and shoes in the winter. 🙂

    • Roberta

      I never knew that. The voice of expereince speaking. It must have been horrific! I am so glad you recoverd and can cook outside year round!