Lettuce Us Try These New Ideas


I know. Groan City! But I couldn’t control myself!

Have some interesting bits and pieces of food news today.

First Up……..

Re-Growing Romaine Lettuce

I have not tried this. So I don’t know if it works or not. From the pictures below and on the web site it seems to.

Just save the bottom part of the lettuce that you usually cut off and throw away in the trash.

Buy lettuce once and have more later from what used to go into the trash can or at best the compost area in your garden.

This can save lots of money and help feed more people for less money too.

This comes from the web site Lessons In Farming. Seems to have been on Pinterest too.

Day 1

1 A botom lettuce








Day 4

001 _thumb 3






Visit the web site to see the other pictures and read more about this technique.


DISCLAIMER: Pictures were used under Title 17, U.S. Code, Section 107; not for “commercial” benefit but, “for nonprofit educational purposes.”

Next….how about……

Cooking In Lettuce

This comes from The Huffington Post.

Seems Alex Atala (I never heard of him either.) likes to cook food inside a head of ice burg lettuce. He says cooking this way preserves the flavor and in fact improves the taste, especially when cooking asparagus.

In the article he says this was a technique used in a  French 19th century cook book.



I cannot say or show any more than this without violating the “for nonprofit educational purposes,” clause of the fair use  for copying and sharing under the copyright law.  So if interested click the link above.

Not sure this process of cooking is useful for most of us cooks having to put food on the table after working all day. But it is an interesting article and technique.

DISCLAIMER: Picture was used under Title 17, U.S. Code, Section 107; not for “commercial” benefit but, “for nonprofit educational purposes.”


Lucky 13

More Re-Grown Vegetables

Seems more than just lettuce waste can re-grow itself.

An article from BuzzFeed ~ Food claims 13 Vegetables That Magically Regrow Themselves.

From carrots to scallions with celery, basil, and green onions in between Buzz Feed writes, “You may never have to but groceries again.”

Not sure how true this is, but this article is a fun read.

They mention sweet potatoes, which my parents and me and my two brothers used to grow inside. You just need some tooth picks, a vase of water with a small opening.

Fill a vase with water. Place tooth picks in potato and lower bottom one third of the potato into vase and into the water. The tooth picks keep the rest of the potato away from the water.

In  a few days leaves will begin to form and grow…and grow…and grow……and grow…….and grow into a jungle if you do not prune.

The leaves are beautiful and make a nice addition to any indoor plants you may have.

Last But Not Least

1 A herbsA New Way To Freeze and Preserve Herbs

Over at The Gardner’s Eden they share a way to preserve and freeze herbs in oil, butter, broth, or water.

I can see lots of advantages in this. Fresher herbs in winter and more of the nutrients preserved too.

Wander on over to the garden’s Eden and to see how easy this technique is.

I know I started off with a bad groan. I hope the rest of today’s blog was useful to you.


1 A blue green

Featured Recipe                    Crispy Cheddar Chicken



This chicken is wonderfully moist on the inside and delightfully crunchy on the outside. The cheddar cheese adds a nice back note and the sauce is light and under stated. In short – this is one delicious meal! All of this and quick and easy too. Not very much clean up either.

I got this fantastic recipe from the Just a Pinch website via Facebook. If you have never been to this website you SHOULD really go.  They call themselves “Real Recipes from Real Home Cooks.”

Based on the recipes I looked at this is very true.

A person could get lost in this website for ages. There are so many good and easy recipes to scroll through. ALL of them from cooks like you and me.

Just goes to prove the Food Police wrong again – cooking fresh meals for ourselves and our families is alive and well in the good ‘old U.S. of A.

And most of the recipes are super budget friendly too.  This site is a win-win every way you can think of!

The recipe I chose for you today is quick and easy and delicious. Even picky eaters will love this chicken.

I made a few minor changes. I used fresh parsley in the sauce, but not the chicken recipe and I used only 3 chicken breasts instead of the 4 recommended.

I also used chicken breast as opposed to tenders. I think children like tenders more than adults.

I do not add the fresh parsley to the hot sauce.  Instead, I spoon some sauce over the chicken and then sprinkle with the fresh parsley.

This is what you will need for 3 people.

For the Chicken

2 pound chicken tenders or 3 small boneless skinless chicken breasts

2 tubes Ritz crackers

½   cup whole milk

3 cups grated cheddar cheese

Pinch dried parsley *

Spray oil

Salt and pepper to taste

* My dried parsley was the home dried parsley my friend and Everyday Cook # 4, Cheryl sent to me last fall.

For the Sauce

1 can of chicken soup

2 tablespoons sour cream

2 tablespoons butter

A few leaves of fresh parsley


Here is what you do:

Crush crackers.


If using chicken breasts and not tenders, cut each chicken breast cross wise into 3 large pieces.

NOTE: I left the chicken pieces whole since I used very small ones.

Pour the milk, cheese and cracker crumbs into 3 separate small pans. Toss the salt and pepper into the cracker crumbs and stir the mixture around to combine.


Dip each piece of chicken into the milk and then the cheese. Press the cheese into the chicken with your fingers. Then press the cheesy coated chicken into the cracker crumbs and press it in.




Spray a 9×13 pan with cooking spray and lay the chicken inside the pan.


Sprinkle the dried parsley over the chicken.


Cover the pan with foil and bake at 400 degrees for 35 minutes.


Remove the foil, bake for an additional 10-15 minutes, or until the edges of the chicken are golden brown and crispy.


The Sauce

After you remove the foil from the chicken begin the sauce.

Dice the parsley.


In a medium sized sauce pan combine the cream of chicken soup, sour cream and butter with a whisk.


Stir it over medium high heat until the sauce is nice and hot. If the sauce seems to thick ad  a bit more butter until desired consistency is reached.


When the chicken is cooked remove from the oven and let sit for  few minutes to let juices distribute. Drizzle the sauce over the chicken and then sprinkle some if the fresh parsley over all.


Serve with a salad and/or a vegetable of your choice.


Bon appétit!!!


For the Chicken

3 chicken breasts                 $4.24

2 tube Ritz crackers             $1.11

¼ cup whole milk                $0.25

3 cups grated cheddar          $2.48

Pinch dried parsley               $0.34 (if bought at store.)

Spray oil                             $0.11

Salt and pepper to taste

For the Sauce

1 can cream of chicken soup         $0.75

2 tablespoons sour cream             $0.26

2 tablespoons butter                    $0.16

A few leaves of fresh parsley        $0.04

Total cost – $9.76
Cost per person = $3.25

Quote of the Day

Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self.

Cyril Connolly


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