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Today I share with you some interesting pieces of news and information that are short and sweet and thus are not enough to write an entire blog post about.

Crisco Candle

This idea has been floating around the internets for a few months now. It has been called the Everlasting Candle on some blogs.

Wikipedia says it will not last for ever, but has been known to burn continuously for 45 days.

This is a great way to light a home during a storm when electricity is out. With several wicks it would be enough to heat a hot dog. 

1 a Crisco 2

To see how to make one click the following link: How To

You can find more information by doing a simple internet search.

Blueberries Not Always Healthy

1 BF 7Recent research has found that blueberries lose their health benefits when heated, cooked, or baked.

According to Science Daily:

Blueberries are called a “superfood” for their high polyphenol content, but when served as warm, gooey pie filling or when lending bursts of sweet flavor to a muffin, their “super” health benefits change.

To get the full benefit of blueberries they must be eaten raw. This will not deter me from eating blueberry pie. But I will add more fresh berries to my diet as well.

7 Reasons Coffee May Be Good For You
Or Reader Beware!!!

1 coffee a


Do you see the caveat in that headline?

The actual title of the article is, Why is Coffee Good For You? Here Are 7 Reasons

This is an interesting article because it states the seven reasons before giving you the caveat ~ may. The last section of the article says this: 


Even though coffee in moderate amounts is good for you, drinking way too much of it can still be harmful.

I’d also like to point out that many of the studies above were epidemiological in nature. Such studies can only show association, they can not prove that coffee caused the effects.   [Emphasis is mine.]

I believe that almost anything in moderation is at the very least, OK for you and is probably good for you. Again the key here is, ‘ in moderation.’

So if you like coffee and drink it in moderation, don’t feel guilty. Basically all this article does it let you know some of the plusses of coffee.

Too Much Texting Can Disconnect Couples

From the DUH Files. For me this is a ‘no brainer.’

Brigham Young University researchers Lori Schade and Jonathan Sandberg studied 276 young adults around the country and found that being constantly connected through technology can create some disconnects in committed relationships.

Seems that texting positives help a relationship, while texting ‘relationship maintenance’ conversations can make matters worse.

It is worth reading the entire short report: Too Much Texting Can Disconnect Couples.


1 bar green

Featured Recipes         Goodbye Cold Tea and Orange-Lemon Tea


Tea is such a calming drink. Coffee is more frenetic. But tea seems to relax the spirit and make the world and life calmer.

Did you know that after water, tea is the “most widely consumed beverage in the world”? [Source: Wikipedia]

Tea most likely originated in China as early as 1766-1095 B.C. [Source: Wikipedia] The Encyclopedia Britannica says that tea has been around since 2700 B.C.

There are hundreds and hundreds of tea flavors. It seems that almost any leaf and/or any flower can be made into a tea. Technically, herbal tea is not a tea at all.

There are dozens of ceremonies built around the brewing and drinking of tea. There are thousands of different kinds of teapots and tea cups.

Today I share two recipes with you. Both of them are feel good drinks for when the weather is miserable, wet, and cold and you feel the same way cause you have a cold and a stuffed up nose.

Green tea may be more medicinal. However, the tea recipes I share with you today will make you feel like spring even when you have a head cold. I tell you, Queen Victoria sitting on her royal throne in all her regal finery could not feel as sprightly as you will after drinking one cup of these brews! Two cups will make you want to sing. And three cups will make you positively giddy doing somersaults on the bed.

The first recipe gives new meaning to that old canard, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” It was given to me by a teacher when I still taught school in the seventies. The actual tea name is long lost from my memory. I started calling it Goodbye Cold Tea when I made it once while home sick with a cold. It made me feel so good and warm inside.

I can’t remember where I got the Orange-Lemon tea recipe.

Child Friendly

However this is a super easy recipe – that is, it is young child friendly. This is a good first recipe for a very young child as all you do is measure, dump, and mix.

This is what you need for Goodbye Cold Tea


1 – 12 ounce can frozen apple juice*

2 tablespoons instant tea powder

1 tablespoon honey

½ teaspoon cinnamon

*Or frozen apple cider concentrate if you can find it, or can make your own.

Here is what you do:

Reconstitute the apple juice according to the direction on the can. I do this on the stove over no heat in the pan I will eventually heat the tea in.


Add the tea powder, honey, and cinnamon.

IMG_7445Stir to blend thoroughly.


When the ingredients are well mixed turn the heat medium high and heat through, stirring occasionally.

Drink hot.


This is what you need for Orange-Lemon Tea:

IMG_74282 cups Tang

1 cup Lipton Lemon instant tea powder

½ cup sugar (optional)

½ teaspoon cloves

1 teaspoon cinnamon

Here is what you do:

Just place all ingredients into large bowl and mix well.



Store in a glass jar with an air tight lid. The longer the mix is stored the better the flavor becomes.

To make tea place 1 heaping teaspoon of the mix into a cup and add hot water.


This makes a wonderful home made Christmas gift too!


Bon appétit!!!


Goodbye Cold Tea

1 – 12 oz can frozen apple juice       $2.29

2 Tbspn instant tea powder             $0.58

1 tablespoon honey                         $0.05             

½ teaspoon cinnamon                     $0.13

Total cost = $3.05
Cost per cup (6) = $0.50

Orange-Lemon Tea:

2 cups Tang                                     $2.13

1 cups Lemon instant tea                  $2.48

½ cup sugar (optional)                     $0.28

½ teaspoon cloves                           $0.18

1 teaspoon cinnamon                        $0.13

Total cost = $5.20
Cost per cup = $0.87

Quotes of the Day

You can’t get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.

C.S. Lewis

If you are cold, tea will warm you; if you are too heated, it will cool you; if you are depressed, it will cheer you; if you are excited it will calm you.

William Ewart Gladstone


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  • Interesting tidbits. I especially like the Crisco candle! I’m drinking tea right now – Ginger Peach with ginger/honey crystals (dissolved of course).
    I like coffee too, but it was bothering my stomach.
    Great recipe. I bet it would be great with fresh apple cider as well.

    • Roberta

      Indeed, fresh apple cider would be fantastic! I loved that Crisco candle too. So easy and 45 days. God forbid anything that bad happens to any of us, Julia.