It’s a Grand Day


I have two items for you today.

The first item is simply a case of my not having an arm long enough to pat myself on the back.

Seriously, I am honored that Peter Wright used More Thyme Than Dough as an example of a blog with good focus on his Social Media blog, Peter Wright’s Blog.

I also know that many of my readers have cooking and other blogs, or want to start a blog of their own. So Peter’s blog is a great place for you to gain new insights, or if new to blogging, learn the ins and outs of blogging. I am happy to introduce you to Peter and his blog.

A bit of background on Peter; who I first met via a Tweet on Twitter.

He was born in London and currently resides in Canada. He has a varied background and has been in sales, radio, consulting, and farming; not necessarily in that order.

After a heart attack he had more time to delve into networking, marketing, and the internet business.

Like many of us he has endured many losses in life, yet maintains an upbeat outlook. His bio on his website is really worth reading. You can click the following link to read it. Peter’s Bio

Not only am I honored he used More Thyme as an example; I was surprised at many of the things Peter said.  I really do not know that much about blogging. I had a lot of help along the way and I have thanked those people who helped me several times here at MTTD.

Over the years I have learned a bit about good blogging. But the main thing is just that I have something to say. I think that is an important, yet often over looked component of good blogging. That and having fun.

I really appreciated this comment from Peter’s blog:

I have to admire the way she has combined her skill, experience and enjoyment of cooking with her writing skills in a well crafted blog that provides real value to people………Her blog is well laid out, attractive, but plain and easy enough to navigate, no unnecessary stuff.

You can read the entire article here: Blogging Focus

Again, thanks to Peter Wright for this lovely write-up. I am most appreciative and grateful to have met another good Twitter friend.

Second today is an update. In the post Doing Nothing As a Philosophy of Life, I posted pictures of my orchid with new buds on it. I promised I would post pictures when the buds bloomed. A Twitter friend asked me recently if the plant had bloomed yet. It has. Below is a picture of the second bloom on the orchid plant.

BTW, the orchid was the only thing that thrived the storm weekend with no electricity and with temperatures in the high nineties. It loved the high temperatures and even higher humidity.

Featured Recipe    Grand Marnier Fruit Dip

Today must be Twitter Day. To make this post a winning trio, today’s recipe is also from a Twitter friend, @Libertarian_ish . Leslie is very sweet and kind to everyone on Twitter. She is always there to lend an ear. Plus she also likes to hear my opinion. So you know right there, Leslie is some one I like a lot.

So a tip of the hat to a great Twitter friend and for one fantastic recipe: 

And what a grand recipe it is!!!

It reminds me a little bit of Apples with Triple Sec which I shared with you in October 2010. Both recipes use an orange liqueur.

Double Dipping: I wonder what dipping Apples with Triple Sec in Grand Marnier Dip would taste like. Double my pleasure for sure. NOTE TO SELF: Must try this soon.

This dip also reminds me a little bit of this Fruit Dip. I think almost everyone has some version of this dip. I have seen it without the marshmallow crème. Another omits the cream cheese. Another adds brown sugar. They all taste about the same. My addition is the citrus zest.

Fruit Dip

1 8 ounce package cream cheese softened

½ cup frozen whipped topping thawed

½ cup marshmallow crème

Beat cream cheese until fluffy

Fold in other two remaining ingredients until well mixed

Serve with fresh fruit.

VARIATION: Put some orange, lemon, or lime zest in the dip and on top for a pretty presentation.

I bet you could even add Triple Sec or Grand Marnier in this fruit dip too. YUM!

Best thing about all of these recipes is how quick and easy they are.

Today’s Featured Recipe is a bit more expensive than I usually like to run. And it is not from the Grand Marnier. Although a bottle is expensive, not that much is used in this recipe. Where the cost comes from is the fruit.

Yes!!! The fruit.

The High Cost of Fruit

The main thing this recipe points out to me is just how expensive fruit is these days. And none of this fruit was even organic! How does the government and the food police expect people who are unemployed to pay this kind of money for fruit?  The apple alone was $1.25!!!  One apple!!!  If I was on Food Stamps that would be one-third of my daily dollar allotment for food.

And with the weather we have been having this summer both fruit and meat are going to go even sky higher soon enough.

Featured Recipe: This is what you will need: 

1 cup sour cream

½ cup brown sugar

4 teaspoons Grand Marnier

Fruit of your choice


IDEA: I bet you could make this dip with Triple Sec too.

Here is what you do:

Place everything but the fruit in a bowl: sour cream, brown sugar, and the Grand Marnier.

Mix together in a bowl until smooth.

Wash and dry your fruit. Slice any that needs slicing. Place the dip in a bowl and surround with the fruit.

NOTE: I added some brown sugar on top of the dip so that the picture would have some contrast to it. It did not affect the taste.

I HAD to try each kind of fruit in the dip. It was my responsibility and duty to test everything so that I could accurately report to you just how delicious this dip is. It took sacrifice and was hard work but I make those kind of sacrifices for you my readers.

The dip went well with every kind of fruit, even the melon.

Any typos in this post are merely coincidental.

Bon appétit!!!

Average Cost

 Total cost and cost per person will depend on what kind and how much fruit you use and how many people.

1 cup sour cream                  $1.00

½ cup brown sugar               $0.22

4 tspns Grand Marnier           $0.15

Fruit of your choice               $6.81

Total cost = $13.99

Quote of the Day

I have learned to use the word imposible with the greatest caution.

Werner Braun


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3 comments to It’s a Grand Day

  • Congratulations on your accomplishment! I haven’t been following you for very long, but from what I have seen, Peter is absolutely on target about your skill as a writer and a blogger. Kudos to you!

  • I think Peter wrote what we all think, Roberta! Well done, both of you. I’m going over there now.

    I buy apples all the time. John has an apple before bed every night and then there are apples needed for cooking and desserts. They’re that expensive here if not more.

    That fruit dip looks fantastic!