It Started With The Women


It started with the women.

It was the wives, the mothers, the sisters who were left behind.  They were women struggling to rebuild their shattered lives.

In some communities the women had been on opposite sides. It mattered not.

They were united now in wanting to both remember and honor their husbands, their fathers, their brothers, their freinds, the fallen soldiers of the Civil War.

They came together to decorate their barren graves with flowers, flags, and tears.

There was no formal date in those years. Different communities and the states had different dates for Decoration Day.

But over time the desire to remember and honor, not just the Civil War fallen, but all soldiers who gave their lives, “to honor and protect the Constitution of the United States,” became known as Memorial Day.

In the hustle and bustle of getting everything ready for the cookout, or the trip to the beach, or off to the races, these days  we often forget the real reason why we have a three-day weekend at the end of May.

Today is Memorial Day; a day to honor all who have died in service to our country.
It is a sacred day in America since no American soldier’s death is insignificant.

The men and women we honor today gave the ultimate – their lives – to serve and protect the very freedoms we enjoy with such gusto during this three day weekend and every day in this great country.

So some time today take a minute or two and remember, salute, and give thanks for their service.

To all who serve – THANK YOU.

To all who have died while serving and to their families who will always miss them – THANK YOU for your sacrifice. 





Featured Recipe      Fresh Squeezed Old Fashioned Lemonade

If you have never tasted fresh squeezed home made lemonade you are in for a real treat today! There is nothing like it in the whole wide world. You should try it at least once!

Especially since much of the nation is sweltering in a record heat wave. Temperatures are stuck in the 90’s. You need something ice-cold to help you cool down.

When it comes to summer cold drinks nothing sastisfies like good Fresh Squeezed Old Fashioned Lemonade.

And this is a quick and easy version of home made fresh squeezed lemonade. I bypass the time and trouble of  having to make sugar syrup on a hot stove. Who wants to be over a hot stove when the temperature outside is 93 degrees? Not I!!!!!

The only issue I have to day is cost.  I used to be abe to make home made lemonade for under $3.00 a pitcher. Today lemons are so expensive it is more than double the cost for six glasses. But even so, this lemonade stil comes in under $1.00 per serving.

I’m worth it! And so are you!

This is what you need for 6 glasses:

Juice of 6 lemons (1 cup)

1 lemon sliced into wheels (optional)

¾ cup sugar

4 cups cold water

Ice cubes

Here is what you do:

Squeeze the juice from 6 of the lemons. You should have about 1 cup. I had a bit more. Not a problem.

In a large pitcher combine the juice and sugar and stir to dissolve the sugar.

Add the water and mix well. If you are using the 7th lemon slice them into rings and add to the pitcher too. Doesn’t that look so pretty?

Pour into glasses and add some ice cubes. Makes about 6 glasses of lemonade.


NOTE #1: If you like sweeter lemonade, or if the lemon juice is particulary sour or tart,  increase the sugar to 1 cup.

NOTE #2: You can get creative with the ice cubes. I put some lemon slices, lime slices, and raspberries into the cubes for a festive, party look.

Bon appétit!!!


7 lemons         $4.13

¾ cup sugar     $0.24

Total cost = $4.37
Cost per glass = $0.73

Quote of the Day

I believe that if life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade… And try to find somebody whose life has given them vodka, and have a party.

Ron White


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3 comments to It Started With The Women

  • On my first trip to Australia I saw lemonade on the menu. It was summer, it was hot and lemonade really does the job. Imagine my surprise when I got a glass of Sprite! That’s lemonade here.

    I love lemonade from lemons and make it at least once a week.

    Memorial Day is often sad for me. My first husband didn’t make it home from Vietnam and despite years and years of time gone by, I still wonder what might have been. Thankfully my son is so much like him. He has his father’s terrific sense of humor and wonderful kindness.

  • What a beautiful post, and… I love fresh squeezed lemonaid. Did you know lemons are very alkaline for the body. My Doctor told me that.

  • Whoops, mispelled lemonade. LOL