It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, World


When will the madness end?

I am beginning to wonder if it ever will?

The nanny state just keeps getting nannier and is expanding to every corner of the globe.

This happened in Australia and comes to us via Dr Joe Kosterich, professional speaker, author, doctor, commentator and TV presenter. He has a regular column in the West Australian Newspaper and in Sheila Magazine. He also serves on the advisory panel of Prevention magazine. This story comes from his blog, Dr. Joe.

Dr. Joe starts off his post with this:

The ability of governments to create laws, which have ridiculous effects never ceases to amaze me.

Me either.

It seems the Australian government’s health agency made a regulation that any cakes sold in Australia has to be produced in a “licensed kitchen.” 

At first you may not see any problem in this. But any teacher, PTA President, or organizer of a church bazaar will see the issue immediately. Schools and churches often make a little extra money from cake sales.

Specifically the new Australian law “requires that any cake with cream or cream icing must be prepared in a licensed kitchen.”

The stupidity of this measure is just plain appalling!!

Dr. Joe asks:

Why exactly? It would be interesting to know how many deaths have there been from consumption of cakes bought at cake stalls in the last fifty years? Do we really think that mothers (or fathers) making cakes at home for their children or their children’s school are all totally incompetent.

Whilst I have nothing against professional cake makers it is more likely that cakes made at home will be preservative and additive free and be made with ingredients that you would find in an average home. Not too many people I know have E102 sitting on their pantry shelf.

So who is actually being protected here? Schools are robbed of fund raising revenue and then have to turn to government for funding that has been denied them by… government. The community aspect of people pitching in is lost and for what gain? Essentially so some bureaucrat can tick all his boxes and feel that the community has been saved from the dangers of unlicensed cake. [All emphasis mine.]

You can read the entire article here.

I ask again. When will common sense prevail?

Thanks and a tip of the hat to Jan H. for sending me this article.

Featured Recipe       Sunset Punch

Sunset Punch is a delicious non-alcoholic drink for the holidays or for any party or celebration.

This is what you will need:

Cranberry juice

Orange juice, pulp free

Refrigerated Ginger ale

Here is what you do:

Pour about one-half of the cranberry juice in ice cube trays. You can make more ice cubes if you like.

You do not have to use the stars ice cube trays. I found those many years ago for the 4th of July when I made red, white and blue ice cubes. Looked really cool and patriotic in 7-Up!!!  But a plain ice cube tray works just as well.

Place in the freezer till frozen through.

In a pitcher combine equal parts orange juice and Ginger ale.

Pour into glasses, add three or four of the cranberry ice cubes and serve.

When the ice cubes start to melt it creates a pretty swirl of color.

OPTIONAL: If you have some fresh oranges in the fridge cut them into slices, then slice them in half again and float one in each glass or hang in the rim of the glass.

You can use a punch bowl instead of a pitcher. Then add the cranberry ice cubes to the punch bowl.

SPECIAL NOTE: Just for the record, non-alcoholic beverages are not the only drinks I prepare. I have a magnificent hot spiced red wine recipe. I always make it for New Year’s Eve.

I will share it with you well in advance.


Cranberry juice (½ 64 oz. bottle)               $1.58

Orange juice, pulp free (2 quarts)              $3.49                         

Refrigerated Ginger ale (2 quarts)              $1.00

Makes 32 ~ 4 ounce drinks

Total cost $6.07
Cost per drink = $0.19

Quote of the Day

The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in the insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well meaning but without understanding.

Justice Louis D Braendis, (1856-1941)

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