In Praise of Older Women


Today I am 65 years young.

And I say that proudly, head held high, and full of passion and verve and looking forward to many more years!!!

It is not just wines and cheese that get better with age.

It is women too.

And I have never felt better in my life. Who ever started that rumor about being over the hill at age 40 was just plain wrong, WRONG, WRONG!!!! For me each year has gotten better and better. In many ways it has only just begun.

I have never been more comfortable in my own skin. I have never been more accepting of who I am, warts and all.  We all have them you know. So who cares? Laugh about them and move on.  Get on with living!

My sense of humor is sharper than it has ever been and I am more eager to just play around, joke, and have fun.

I am more secure and confident in my abilities, more willing to try some thing new. And if it works, fine. If not, so what! I try again or I move on.

My life experiences have given me a type of wisdom that does not come from books. I have learned there is a natural rhythm to life of ups and downs. Ups do not last forever. And neither do the downs. I have faith I will make it through any adversity. But I also reserve the right to bitch about it with my friends because everyone needs a safety valve or two.

And quite frankly, and this might seem haughty, but I have never been sharper mentally. I bring more experiences to what I read, see and to each experience.

On this my 65th birthday I am happier and more satisfied than I have ever been in my life. I have never been happier.

When I add this to what researchers have discovered and what I reported on in The Best Is Yet To Come;  that is  people reach peak happiness in their eighties I am ecstatic!!! It means it only gets better from here on out!

And research backs all this up. Today is not the time to write about and cite research. Today is the time to PARTAY!  I will save the research for another day. But scientists – AGAIN – were wrong. Biggest myth out there is that we lose brain cells as we age.

So today I wish myself a big Happy Birthday with many, many more to come!

To quote my role model, Maxine:
“I’m agin’ and ragin’!! I’m sassy, classy, and still kickin’ assy!” 
Featured Recipe    Creamsicle Pie

When I was young my brothers and I used to go to a small store that sold ice cream cones and other treats. One of my favorite concoctions was called a Dreamsicle. It was a large Popsicle like bar with a vanilla ice center and coated with an orange sherbet.

I can seldom find the original any more. There are many imitators. The imitations are not nearly as good as the original.

But I have always loved that combination of vanilla ice cream and orange sherbet.  So today’s recipe is my version of that one-of-a-kind Dreamsicle.

This is what you will need for 6 pieces of pie:

1 graham cracker crust

1 pint vanilla ice cream

1 pint orange sherbet

Optional: Raspberry Sauce and raspberries or lime slices.

Here is what you do:

Soften the vanilla ice cream first, about 20-30 minutes. You just want the ice cream soft enough to pour into crust, you do not want runny or watery ice cream.

Place softened vanilla ice cream in the graham cracker crust. Use a spatula to spread it into an even layer.

Place in freezer for at least 1 hour.

When the vanila layer is hard soften the orange sherbet and place softened orange sherbet on top of the frozen vanilla ice cream. Place in the freezer for at least two hours.

When ready to serve remove the pie from freezer and let sit out about 10 minutes before cutting into slices and serving.

Bon Appetite!


1 graham cracker crust          $3.99

1 pint vanilla ice cream          $1.88

1 pint orange sherbet             $3.50

Total cost = $9.97
Cost per serving = $1.56

Optional: Raspberry Sauce and raspberries or lime slices.

Bon Appetite!!!!

Quote of the Day:

At twenty we worry about what others think of us; at forty we don’t care about what others think of us; at sixty we discover they haven’t been thinking about us at all.

Author Unknown


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8 comments to In Praise of Older Women

  • Friend with a job

    Happy Birthday to my dear, dear friend! If you are any indication of the beauty of having birthdays, then bring them on! You have always been wonderful and just keeping getting better and better! Enjoy your day and here’s to many more!

  • Happy Birthday Roberta! I don’t think of you as anything but a fantastic woman. Ageism is so last century. There are too many baby boomers out there for change not to happen. Youngsters shouldn’t be afraid of getting older but accept it as a part of life. Too many shy away from older folks because they’re afraid wrinkles are catching. They’re not. I seem to be able to keep all of mine. 🙂

  • I know this is 2 days late, but it is still VERY heartfelt….Happy Birthday dear Roberta!!!!!!!!!!!! You are such a vibrant, SASSY, wonderful person and I consider myself most lucky to have found you and share in your friendship. 🙂

  • Happy belated birthday Roberta! Just love this line, “I have learned there is a natural rhythm to life of ups and downs.” You are an inspiration and I love this post!

  • well, happy belated birthday, young lady. Love your work (Im a new reader!)
    T x

  • Carol Sternberg

    A very very belated Happy Birthday dear Roberta. Hope you some wonderful treats!