How High Will It Go?


I almost don’t even want to the grocery store any more.  And I love to shop. Just love it.

I mean I know I have to. I have to eat. But every time I go these days I get shell shocked with the high prices. And many of the products that have increased in price have nothing to do with the drought, corn, or beef.

I think the food industry has found a way to fleece the American consumer on anything and everything. And this after being fleeced by the banking-financial industry in 2008-09.

And Did You Know This?

According to Reuters, many farmers in drought stricken America are or can receive up to $100,000 from the federal government to offset the cost of feed and the loss of cows due to death to the extreme weather this summer.

I have to wonder if that tax payer subsidy was taken into account when figuring the increase of food at the grocery store for you and me. Some farmers may end up earning more this year than they normally do thanks to the kindness, goodness, and generosity of the American taxpayer.

How come the average American consumer never gets relief or a bailout?
How come all we ever get are higher prices and lower wages?
How High Will It Go?
How Much Will We Take?

I certainly do not know the answer to any of those questions. However, I can give you some information that may help ease cash-register shock at the grocery store.

Today I am sharing a list of some of the most delicious yet low cost foods you can buy to help your bottom line and pocket book. Tomorrow I will share some recipes using many of these inexpensive items to go with this list.

List of Inexpensive Foods To Help You Survive Increasing Cost of Food

Canned tuna

Canned vegetables and fruits, especially tomato products


Fresh apples, bananas, and grapes


Potatoes sweet and white



Oatmeal (regular, not instant)

Corn bread mix  (such as Jiffy’s)

Ramen noodles


Rice, both white and brown

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

Frozen waffles

Pumpkin seeds (don’t waste the seeds this Halloween)

Canned soup

There you have it. Now you have the list. You can make many interesting and delicious meals we these foods.

When you see these items on sale and if you can, stock up on them.

Featured Recipe    Hamburgers Italian Style

I think you are going to really like this one.

Even thought the price of ground beef has gone up recently, it is still a budget friendly food. And kids love hamburgers. Plus they are quick and easy to make.

Today I share a recipe that jazzes the humble hamburger up a bit. It raises the humble hamburger into something gourmet.

WORD OF CAUTION: While very delicious you should know that with the tomato paste and cheese this is a very, VERY moist hamburger. The first time I made them it looked like a sloppy Joe on my bun instead of a hamburger because it crumbled and fell apart when I lifted it up.

To prevent that from occuring here are a few suggestions. One, first let the burgers rest for about 3-5 minutes after you remove them from the broiler. You can tent with foil if you like.  Second be careful and lift the burgers up slowly and v-e-r-y carefully. I also use the flat side of the spatula to push in on the outer rim or edge of the hamburger before lifting them up.

You could also fry the burgers in a skillet or bake them in an oven rather than broil them. I like the burnt outer coating I get from broiling though.

This recipe is a technique, as you can add just about any flavors you want and like into the hamburger. I also like parsley, garlic, and lemon juice.

You could also add 1 packet of dry onion soup to a pound of ground chuck for another tasty treat!

This is what you will need for 4 -6 burgers:

1 pound ground chuck*

1- 6 ounce can tomato paste

1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce

1-2 cloves garlic**

½ teaspoon dried oregano

¼ chopped onion

1 cup shredded Mozzarella cheese

4 hamburger buns

Salt and pepper to taste

*Plain ground beef is even less expensive if you want to substitute.

** If you have it 1 teaspoon or two of garlic salt may be less expensive.

Here is what you do:

Turn the broiler on. Let it heat at least 10 miutes before placing burgers in broiler.

Chop the onion and press the garlic.

In a bowl mix the tomato paste, chopped onion, pressed garlic , oregano, Worcestershire sauce, and cheese and mix well.

Place the ground chuck in a separate bowl and crumble a bit.

Then add the tomato paste mixture. Mix it gently into the meat. This is best done using your hands. Do not over work the beef though as that will make the meat tough.

Then make four patties from the mixture. Or if you want smaller patties, make 6 patties. Adjust cooking time accordingly.

Place the patties on a foil lined broiler pan.

NOTE: You may want to spray a very light coating of spray oil on the foil to prevent sticking.

Broil five inches from the heat source for about 10 minutes, turning the burgers over at the 5 minutes mark or untill browned on top.

After 5 minutes…….ready to turn over..

You will know if the burgers are done by checking firmness. If the burgers are soft, they are not cooked through. If they are firm, they are cooked through.

An easier way to know if they are done is by using a meat thermometer. For a rare burger the thermometer should register 120-125 degrees. For medium rare it should register 125-140 degrees. And for well done they should register 160-170.

Place on a bun and serve with a salad. These are also great as a bunless hamburger meal.

Bon appétit!!!


1 pound ground chuck                      $3.79

1- 6 oz can tomato paste                  $0.89

1 teaspoon Worcestershire               $0.02

1-2 cloves garlic                              $0.10

½ teaspoon dried oregano               $0.12

¼ chopped onion                            $0.13

1 cup shredded Mozzarella               $1.75

4 hamburger buns                           $0.70

Salt and pepper to taste

Total cost = $7.50
Cost per person 4 = $1.88
Cost per person 6 = $1.25

Quote of the Day

It’s really very simple, Governor. When people are hungry they die. So spare me your politics and tell me what you need and how you’re going to get it to these people.

Bob Geldof ~ Rock star and hunger activist and founder of Band Aid.


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4 comments to How High Will It Go?

  • It’s the big companies that drive all of this. Very little of the government money gets to the family farmer I suspect. Wonder what ConAgra’s government check looks like. I buy as much from local farmers as I can who still grow in good soil. I’m sick of filling my belly with chemicals that they tell me won’t hurt one bit but as I look around, I can’t help but see fat, sick and tired people to the left and right of me. It can’t be that we’re a generation of really lazy people. Some are, sure, but most are ordinary people who struggle to keep a lid on the weight.

    Love your burgers. I made osso bucco the other day for $2.25 a serving which is good for here. Veal Scallopini for $2 each. I splurged today and bought 3 breaded lamb cutlets from the butcher for $7.50 for the two of us. I should have made your hamburgers.

  • Sounds delicious and it will help me keep within my budget. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Roberta

      Glad you like them. Happier that you can stay within your budget. That is my main goal for this blog. Thanks, Janna.