High School Graduation and Some Births


I am sure you have heard the old saying, When life hands you lemons make lemonade. Well that is what I am trying to do today.

I told you yesterday I would share Sly Lemon Pie with you today. However, my refrigerator would not cooperate. It has died. I must get a new one.  I had the post ready. So rather than waste it I am using it, but changing the recipe.

I am sharing a very simple lunch I made myself a few weeks ago. I will share Sly Lemon Pie at a later date.


I have two items for you today.

First, CONGRATULATIONS to 95 year-old, Erline Harvey-Morris on getting her high school diploma this year, proving yet again it is never too late to achieve your goals or your dreams.

In 1932 Erline was a good student at Falkville High School in northern Alabama. She was a member of the school’s volley ball team. She even had a role in the school play.

Then came the Great Depression.

Just months before Erline was scheduled to graduate, Falkville High was temporarily forced to close because of lack of funds. Parents eventually got together enough money to reopen the school. But by then Erline had gotten married. Seems school policy required students be single.

While Erline was always sad she did not finish high school and did not have her diploma she went about her life. She and her husband weathered the Depression and raised a son.

It was her daughter-in-law that recently set things in motion. She approached the school and the principal pitched the idea to the Student Council. They said yes. Student Council President, Morgan Morrow said, “There shouldn’t be obstacles like that keeping someone from graduating.”

The school purchased a cap and gown for her and on graduation day she walked across the stage to cheers and applause to receive that long desired diploma.

Tip of the hat to Gimundo for this story.



Nesting Peregrine Falcon Live Streaming  on Video/Audio – Cam

NOTE: Falcon live streaming closed for the season.

Item number two: Columbus, Ohio again has  nesting Peregrine falcons on the Rhodes Tower in downtown. This has occurred almost yearly for years;  sometimes with good results. Sometimes not. This year seems it is a good year.

Even better than the blog is this site:  NestboxCam Streaming Video with Audio. You can watch in real time what is happening in the nesting box. Yesterday around 6:30 P.M., EDT I saw the mother feeding the two babies what looked like a dove. Most of the time the babies just sleep. Even that is fascinating.

Other wildlife news here in Columbus comes from the Central Ohio Metro Parks magazine. There are three eaglets in two parks in the Columbus Metro area. Hopefully we will all be thrilled to see eagles flying over Columbus soon.

Today’s Recipe    Spur-of-the-Moment Green Bean Salad

The other day I looked inside my refrigerator trying to decide what I wanted to eat for lunch. There were no left-overs from previous meals.

There was not much in there. But I did have some green beans I had not used yet. I always have bacon and eggs. So this is what I made.

I steamed the green beans in the microwave till they were crisp-tender.

I microwaved two slices of bacon.

I poached an egg.

I arranged them all on a plate, sprinkled some salt and pepper over it all, and then added a bit of lemon zest on top.

It was very delicious.

Just an impromptu lunch made from things just hanging around in the fridge.[/print_this]

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend.

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