Halloween On a Budget

 Eat Drink and Be Scary

Halloween is just around the corner. Children and adults alike love this holiday. From pumpkins to ghosts to haunted houses, and lots of candy what’s not to like?

Just because money is tight does not mean you have to forego all the festivities. Today I scoured the World Wide Web and found some of the best sites with HUGE bargains from costumes to food.


Costume Ideas

Bankrate  has some fantastic fantastic ways to get in on the all the Halloween fun without busting the budget.


As always, Tip Hero has some great and inexpensive costume ideas!

Tip Hero also has some wonderful frugal home decorating ideas for Halloween.



Over at Disney Spoonful there are some fantastic treats:

Halloween Recipes

With links inside links inside other links there must be over a hundred recipes ideas you can find under this category. There are links to recipes for:  Fright Krispies Treat, 15 Hauntingly Healthy Snacks, Funny Bones Treat, Spooky Punch, and No Bake Spider Web Cheese Cake.

Believe it or not the hauntingly healthy snacks were the best and easiest in my opinion. All of them are from the Disney Family Fun site.

Two stood out for me: Melon Brain and Carrot Finger Food. Honorable mentions go to Edible Eyeballs and Banana Ghosts, and Spooky Punch, a Sandra Lee recipe from the Food Network. The only reason Spooky Punch made only honorable mention is the ingredients looked to me like  it would cost quite a bit. However, it is as cute as Casper the Friendly Ghost.


Melon Brain

This recipe is made from just one small, round red watermelon. Click the link above for the how tos.

I personally would not call this recipe Melon Brain. I would call it Monnnssstttter Brain. [Cue the organ chord.]

Or better yet, make several and call them Monnnnssssttttter Brains. And then I would make up some cocka-mamie story about how I found a monster who was sick and died and that I cut out his brain and pickled it and saved it just for them. I used to make up stories like this for my first grade classes. And they loved them!!!

Carrot Finger Food

Made from vegetable dip, carrots, and almonds. Click the link to get the full recipe and the how tos.

While at the Disney site be sure to check out 21 Spooky Halloween Treats. Just click the blue link in the previous sentence to get there. Once there you will find two more edible eye recipes, a Frankenstein Jell-o Monster, and Frozen Fish Eggs. All guaranteed to gross out your kids. They will love it!!!!

Party Ideas

In this category at Disney Spoonful you will find:

Invitation Ideas

Appetizer and Candy Recipes


And more, more, more. You can easily get lost for hours on this wonderful site.

Recession. What recession???
With all these great frugal ideas you can still eat, drink, and be scary this Halloween.

Happy Halloween and Bon Appetit!!!!

Quote of the Day

A grandmother pretends she doesn’t know who you are on Halloween. 

Erma Bombeck

October 10, 2014 Updated links that had expired.


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