Glϋhwein ~ Hot Christmas Mulled Wine




Glϋhwein is a German variation of hot mulled wine, with spices and fruits, usually served warm. It is a tradition at Christmas time. It makes it own special version of Christmas magic.

This is what you will need to make 5 six-ounce servings:

4 orange slices cut crosswise

4 lemon slices cut crosswise

1 quart Burgundy or claret

6 whole cloves

3-inch cinnamon stick broken into 5 pieces

1 cup granulated sugar

I use more cloves because I like them, and a bit more cinnamon too.

Here is what you do:

Remove centers from fruit slices. Try to keep the rinds round and intact. You can put them in the punch bowl if you use one. Make every thing look so elegant.

In a large saucepan bring wine to simmering. Do not boil.

Add fruit and rest of ingredients, stir to dissolve sugar. Over low heat let stand about 10 minutes.


You and your guests will never be the same. Seconds will be demanded.

View of punch bowl from the top. Very festive, isn’t it?

A close up view of a glass. My friends love the fruit in this mulled wine, so I make sure every one has some fruit in their glass.

The rumor going round that I was tipsy when I took these photographs is NOT true. I was not!!!! I categorically deny this. That came much, much later.


4 orange slices cut crosswise          $0.79

4 lemon slices cut crosswise           $0.49

1 quart Burgundy or claret              $14.99

6 whole cloves                               $0.10

3-inch cinnamon sticks                    $0.10

1 cup granulated sugar                   $0.64

Total cost = $17.11
Cost per serving = $3.42
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2 comments to Glϋhwein ~ Hot Christmas Mulled Wine

  • When I lived in the states where it was cold and even in Florida we had a freezing Christmas once, I made mulled wine. I loved it and it felt so Christmasy. 🙂