Garlic Chicken Wings


Today I feature another fantastic chicken wing recipe for your Super Bowl Parties. These are my absolute favorite chicken wings anytime anywhere!
Featured Recipe           Garlic Chicken Wings

This recipe can be doubled or tripled endlessly.

This is what you will need for 3 people:

15-24 wing pieces

2 tablespoons vegetable oil

For the Sauce:

6 tablespoons unsalted butter

1-2 garlic cloves

Garlic salt to taste

Garlic powder optional

 This is what you do:

Put your oven rack in the upper middle position. Heat oven to 450 degrees.

Set a large wire rack over a foil lined shallow pan. (If you don’t have one, roast on a foil lined cookie sheet or other pan. The wings will cook in the oil but it can be done and I have done it that way on occasion.)

Put wings in a large bowl and add the oil and sprinkle with a little garlic salt to taste. Do not use too much here as you will have other opportunities to add more salt. If using, add garlic powder to taste. Using your hands mix it all together so that all the wings are well coated.

Then arrange in a single layer on the rack. Sprinkle a little more salt on top of the wings.

Place in the oven and toast until golden brown about 40 minutes.

While the wings are roasting make the sauce. Melt the butter in a pan over very low heat.

Slice the garlic.

Sauté the garlic in the butter until fragrant. Take the pan off the heat, cover and let the garlic sit in the butter until the wings are cooked. It is hard to see the garlic in the butter, but it is in there.


When wings are golden brown remove them from the oven. Look at the golden color on those wings. Makes my mouth water just looking at them!!!

Using tongs place each wing on the garlic butter sauce and turn several times to coat.

Put back into the pan. Be careful that there are no pieces of garlic clinging to the wings. If there are they will burn. And burnt garlic is YUK!!!

Place the wings back into the roasting pan, and sprinkle with a bit more garlic salt. Spoon any remaining butter sans the garlic over the wings.

Then place back into the oven for 8-10 more minutes.

Hot out of the oven.

Place the wings in a bowl and serve hot. For contrast in the picture I placed some chopped parsley on the wings.

On my plate.

Bon Appetit!!!!


15-24 wing pieces                $6.11

2 tblspns vegetable oil          $0.09

For the Sauce:

6 tablespoons butter             $0.42

1-2 garlic cloves                   $0.08

Garlic salt to taste                $0.08*

Garlic powder optional          $0.09**

Total Cost =   $6.98
Cost per person = $2.32

* 1tablespoon

** 1 teaspoon

**NOTE: I do not measure. These are approximate guesses of how much I used.

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