Firecrackers in September


During the never-ending Recession life  is getting harder and money is getting tighter for many of us. So today I just want to give you a few moments of pure joy and entrtainment.

And WOW! Do I have a treat for you today!!!!!

Firecrackers aren’t just for the 4th of July any more. Today they are a year round phenomena thanks to the Kings School District’s  jump rope ensemble, The Firecrackers.

From their website:  “The Firecrackers are a performance jump rope team made up of talented 4th-8th graders from the Kings Local School District in Ohio. Coached by Lynn Kelley, they perform at venues across the country.”

Jump rope? Sounds boring, doesn’t it?

There isn’t an ounce of boring in this upbeat, amazing, talented and precision jump roping ensemble.


Again from their website:

The Firecrackers grew out of an elementary school physical education exposition. Coach Lynn Kelley was looking for a rhythmic activity that could be choreographed to music. She found some jump ropes, a few interested students and some good music. The response to the activity was so positive, that it was suggested that the group perform at halftime of a Junior Varsity basketball game. More overwhelmingly positive feedback lead the team to perform at more high school games and then eventually college and NBA basketball games.

You have to see them to believe them. So with no further ado I present The Firecrackers:




See what I mean? Aren’t they just fantastic?

No hyperbole in my praise was there?

Since 2009 when I first saw them they have only gotten better. I have never seen a mis-step from any one in any of the videos I have seen. Last year’s performance at the University of Wisconsin was superb. You can see that video and more at their Website. They have also performed at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and on several TV shows.

You can find more videos on the Firecrackers web site (link above) or on You Tube.

Featured Recipe    Fresh Mushroom Salad

This salad is a great change of pace from the usual, typical week-night same-ole boring green salad.

It is also as refreshing a salad as you will ever find. The combination of the parsley with the vinegar makes for a delightful explosion on your taste buds!

And best of all it is quick and easy to make,  and at only $1.24 per salad it is also budget friendly.

I love mushrooms. I don’t think I have ever met a mushroom I did not like. They are also very versatile in the kitchen. They can be the main dish, a side dish, an appetizer, or a salad.

This recipe comes from one of my favorite, out-of-print cookbooks, Cookery for 1 or 2 by Barbarian Swain.  The recipe is easily doubled which I did for today.

This is what you will need for 4 people:

½ pound fresh small mushrooms

4 tablespoons minced parsley

4 tablespoons minced green onion

About ¼ to ½ cup olive oil

2 tablespoons white wine vinegar*

Salt and pepper to taste

Butter or other leaf lettuce**


*I have used both  Champagne vinegar and Balsamic vinegar in this salad to great success. So go ahead and play around with this recipe to suit your palate.

** I have never used the greens, preferring to just serve the mushroom salad plain.

Here is what you do:

Wash, dry, and mince the parsley. I don’t mince so much as do a rough chop. First, I am lazy and second, I like the bigger pieces in my salad.

Wash, remove root ends, and cut off about an inch or two off the tops of the greens. Then mince the green onions.

Clean the mushrooms.  How to Clean and Prep Mushrooms

Thinly slice the mushrooms.

Place the sliced mushrooms in a bowl………

…………and add the parsley and the green onions. Gently mix together. I just use my fingers to do that.

Cover the bowl with a damp paper towel and refrigerate until ready to serve, at least 20 minutes. I keep a spray bottle of water in my laundry room. I just spray the paper towel with that.

Before serving, add  the olive oil and gently mix together. Do not be stingy with the olive oil. You want the mushrooms to glisten. I begin with ¼ a cup. Today I used almost  ½ a cup of olive oil.

Add the vinegar a bit at a time or to taste. When you have the right balance of vinegar for your taste add salt and pepper to taste and mix again.

If using the salad greens per Ms Swain’s recipe, wash and dry off and place some on each of four plates. Add the mushrooms to the greens.

If not using the salad greens just serve on a plate and enjoy. A great salad with any entrée.

Bon appétit!!!


½ pound fresh small mushrooms      $3.38

4 tablespoons minced parsley           $0.50

4 tablespoons minced green onion    $0.25

About ¼ cup olive oil                       $0.58

2 tablespoons white wine vinegar     $0.25

Salt and pepper to taste

Total cost = $4.96
Cost per person = $1.24

Recession Buster Recipe©


Quote of the Day

My mother drew a distinction between achievement and success. She said that achievement is the knowledge that you have studied and worked hard and done the best that is in you. Success is being praised by others. That is nice but not as important or satisfying. Always aim for achievement and forget about success.

Helen Hayes


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1 comment to Firecrackers in September

  • I make a salad similar to this but I add fresh bean sprouts to it for a bit of crunch. Either way it’s really good.

    I have seen this jump roping team before on TV here in Australia and I was amazed at how talented and disciplined they were for their age.