A friend of mine recently lost a family member to a stroke.

I have another friend who suffered a stroke last summer. He is alive today and I visit him every few weeks.

What was the difference between these two stories?

Quick action and calling 911.

Many people who die from a stroke could be alive today if they had gotten medical help IMMEDIATELY.

Many deaths from strokes are preventable if: 1.) We recognize the signs of a stroke, and 2.) Immediately get medical attention.

If a stroke victim is given medical attention within three hours of the first symptom the chances of surviving increase dramatically.

I have read the signs of stroke before, but I don’t always remember them.

However, The National Stroke Association has an easy way to remember the signs of a stroke. Since time is of the essence you only have to remember one word.


If you think someone may be showing symptoms of a stroke just remember FAST:

Face – ask the person to smile. Does one side of the face droop?

Arms – ask the person to raise both arms. Does one arm drift downward?

Speech – ask the person to repeat a simple sentence. Is their speech strange or slurred?

Time – If you observe any of these signs call 911 immediately.

Also note the time any of these symptoms first occurred. It can make a difference on what type of treatment is necessary and received.

You should also know that strokes happen at all age levels; in children, to teenagers, as well as adults. Strokes do not just strike the old.

Again, from The National Stroke Association website:

The most common signs of a stroke are:

SUDDEN numbness or weakness of face, arm or leg – especially on one side of the body.

SUDDEN confusion, trouble speaking or understanding.

SUDDEN trouble seeing in one or both eyes.

SUDDEN trouble walking, dizziness, loss of balance or coordination.

SUDDEN severe headache with no known cause.

      Signs In Women Differ:


WomensHeath.Gov tells us that WOMEN may haveunique symptoms:

Sudden face and arm or leg pain

Sudden hiccups

Sudden nausea (feeling sick to your stomach)

Sudden tiredness

Sudden chest pain

Sudden shortness of breath (feeling like you can’t get enough air)

Sudden pounding or racing heartbeat

You can also find the best definition of a stroke at Womens Health dot gov:

What is a stroke?

A stroke is sometimes called a “brain attack.” A stroke can injure the brain like a heart attack can injure the heart. A stroke occurs when part of the brain doesn’t get the blood it needs.

To help anyone you know who might be having  a stroke just remember one word:

FAST     Face,  Arms, Speech, Time

Saving a life is as simple as A-B-C!!!


 Featured Recipe          Chilled Raspberry Soup

The nation and much of the world is in the grips of a massive heat wave. Temperatures of or near 100 degrees, humidity, and drought in some places seem to be common this summer.

Who wants to slave over a hot stove with these kinds of temperatures?

Not moi.

Chilled soups are a great go to on hot days and I have a doozie for you today. This is an adult soup as I use Triple Sec.

Most chilled soups are made with water or wine. Water is too Blah for me. Good wine can be expensive. I almost always have Triple Sec on hand because of these delightful morsels. So I use Tripe Sec and a few other delicious ingredients in my Raspberry Soup.

It is super easy too! And so economical!!! Only $0.87 per bowl!!

This is what you will need for 4 bowls of soup:

8 ounces (1 cup) of fresh raspberries

3 tablespoons Triple Sec

½ cup whipping cream

½ cup ginger ale

1 tablespoon sour cream

3 tablespoons sugar

½ teaspoon grenadine

Optional: Mint for garnish (not pictured.)

NOTE 1: I bought 12 ounces of raspberries. Reserve the left over berries for garnish on the finished soup since you only need about a cup for the soup itself.

NOTE 2: The observant will notice the cartoon of whipping cream has been opened previously. I have  a plastic clip on the pour spout. Yes. This is the same cartoon of cream I used in Monday’s Chicken with Mustard Sauce recipe. I planned ahead so that I could use it all up without waste.

I also had a $2.00 off coupon for any fruit or vegetable. So perfect time to get some raspberries.

Here is what you do:

Place the raspberries in a large bowl.

Using a potato masher mash the raspberries a bit.

Add the Triple Sec and mash the berries a bit more. Let the raspberries sit for at least 30 minutes.

During those 30 minutes the raspberries will release a lot of their juices. That is a good thing. They will look something like this. Doesn’t that look marvelous?

Now you have a decision to make. You can proceed with the recipe, or you can press the berry mixture through a sieve to remove the pulp and seeds.

I do not do that because I like a rustic look to the soup. Plus if I ate the raspberries on my cereal or over shortcakes I would be eating the pulp and seeds anyway. So what they hay! They will not hurt me and they do not bother me.

However, some people may have to remove the seeds for physical and/or medical reasons.

Plus as you all know by now I am lazy any time of year. But I am especially lazy when temperatures near 100 degrees!

Place all of the other ingredients into a different bowl and mix very well. Be sure all of the sour cream is dissolved.

The mixture will be a bit bubbly because of the ginger ale.

Now pour this mixture into the mashed raspberries. Looks delicious already.

Mix everything together. It looks so good I am ready to eat it now…….. I think I will sample it just to make sure all the ingredients are in the soup.

Ahhhhhhhhh!! YUM!!!!

Cover loosely with some plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator for at least 1 full hour.

About 20 minutes before you are going to serve the soup place your serving bowl in the freezer to chill.

When ready to serve pour the soup into your chilled serving bowl. Garnish with the raspberries and/or the mint leaves, if using.

Laddle into individual bowls. Garnish with some left over whole raspberries and mint if so desired.


Bon Appetite!!!!!


8 ounces fresh raspberries              $2.00*

3 tablespoons Triple Sec                 $0.41

½ whipping cream                         $0.80

½ cup ginger ale                           $0.05

1 tablespoon sour cream                 $0.11

3 tablespoons sugar                        $0.06

½ teaspoon grenadine                    $0.06

Total cost = $3.49
Cost per bowl = $0.87

NOTE: I paid nothing for these raspberries.  They were on sale for $1 per package. But I also had a $2.00 off coupon so I got these for FREE! Can’t beat that!

Quote of the Day

I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June.  L. M. Montgomery


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2 comments to FAST

  • This is fantastic advice for everyone about a stroke. I think we all know someone who has had one and how difficult their lives can be once it’s all over. My aunt couldn’t speak for years – never spoke again til she died. It must have been horrible to be locked in like that.

    I watch my blood pressure and I take the heart aspirin every day. Just to do everything I can to ensure a good outcome.

    As for the soup — nothing better than a cold soup on a hot night. This would be perfect for me.

  • oh.. you’d never get raspberries for $2 here.. maybe $7.99 (close to $8.50 US) I’d still buy them!