Fall Already?


In the fall I always love to watch the leaves on the trees turn red, orange, coral, maroon, yellow, sienna, gold, brown, and purple. In one section of OhioI have even seen pink leaves. The trees put on a show that rivals Fourth of July fireworks without the noise.

The official date for the fall equinox in the northern hemisphere is still about a month away.

Yet this year trees in my neck of the woods are getting an early start on turning colors, a full four to six weeks early.

The best part of fall is already beginning.

I kid you not.

Usually the best and most color on the leaves around these parts shows up in late September to middle of October.

I first noticed the leaves changing here about two, two-and-a-half weeks ago. I was driving down Olentangy River Road and thought I saw red on a tree. I thought, “No. Too early.” Figured it was a dead branch still hanging in a tree from the storm in June-July of this year.

About a week later I was driving down the same road. So I slowed down and checked. Sure enough. Red leaves.

Then I started to see more and more. I even took a trip up State Route 33 that travels to the northwest, and lo and behold, even more red leaves.

The last time ………….well to be more precise and to be one-hundred percent completely truthful…………the ONLY time I have seen red leaves in August was in the fall of 1977. This was the fall that preceded the Great Blizzard of 1978.

Now I am not saying there is any connection. I am not a weather person nor am I a seer that makes predictions.

Just sayin………

In 1977 it was just so unusual it is just some thing I vividly remember.

And this year I am not sure it has anything to do with the drought. First of all, the Columbus area is not officially in drought. In fact, two summers ago we had far less rain than this year. It was so dry two summers ago the leaves on the trees were extremely stressed. No red leaves in August that year. The stressed leaves just turned yellow and brown. Quite a few of the leaves fell in early September. Yet we went on to have beautiful colors in late September and early October. So evidently drought is not the cause of the leaves changing color. 

Plus it is my understanding that drought inhibits color.

It could be that we have had a few cool nights the last few weeks; cooler than usual for this time of year. I don’t think length of daylight is a big factor this early. It is still summer and not fall.

The trees in my backyard, or as the City of Columbus likes to call it, Carriage PlacePark, are doing very well this year. There is little yellow, a little drying out, but still lots of green. No red here either right now.

However, right behind me to the east about a half a mile away there are several trees with red leaves.

I don’t know what is causing the leaves to turn red on some trees early this year. But I sure do hope it is not a precursor to another blizzard this winter.

Fingers crossed.

In the mean time I am just enjoying the beautiful show.

Featured Recipe    Baby Peas, Shallots, and Mushrooms

This is a super duper recipe. It is quick and easy. It is delightfully delicious. Thanksgiving may be a few months ahead, but it is also a wonderful accompaniment with turkey. It is also a very elegant looking side dish any night of the week.

This is what you will need for 4 people:

1 – 10 ounce package frozen peas

1 cups sliced mushrooms of your choice*

1 large shallot or 2 medium**

2-3 tablespoons butter

1 teaspoon soy sauce

1 tablespoon sugar

Salt and pepper to taste


*I like and used cremini mushrooms today. You can also use a 4 ounce can of sliced mushrooms drained.

** For a prettier dish you could use pearl onions or cipollini onions. You would need to cook them longer before adding the peas or par-boil first before adding to the skillet. It would also be more expensive.

Here is what you do:

Clean and slice the mushrooms.   How To Prep Mushrooms

Peel and mince the shallot into medium sized pieces.

Sauté mushrooms and shallots in some butter until shallots are just tender.

NOTE: I start with 2 tablespoons and if the pan gets dry I add in the third.

Cook peas according to package directions and drain; or cook in microwave, or steam the babies, as I did.  This will not take long, 2-3 minutes at most.

Stir the peas, sugar, soy sauce, and the salt and pepper if using into the skillet. Mix together well.

Cover and cook over low heat until heated through about 3-5 minutes.

Goes very well with any meat entrée.

Bon appétit!!!


1 – 10 ounce package frozen peas      $1.99

1 cups sliced mushrooms                   $1.26

2 medium shallots                             $0.48

2-3 tablespoons butter                       $0.24

1 teaspoon soy sauce                         $0.18

1 tablespoon sugar                            $0.02

Salt and pepper to taste

Total cost = $4.17
Cost per person = $1.04

Recession Buster Recipe©

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8 comments to Fall Already?

  • Oh what beautiful fall colors. I can’t wait for fall, cooler days and nights and some of the best food of the year! Here in Indiana we are still dealing with days in the 100F and nights in the 60Fs. But I am in the fall mood, I have pumpkin on the brain! I love peas. I love shallots but I love mushrooms the most. What a great meal or fall side dish! Yum! (is this too many exclamation points?)

    Cheers, Kate

    • Roberta

      Those are terrible temps, Kate. Now I can’t complain about our high 80’s and low 90’s any more. This has been the never ending summer for sure. Glad you like the recipe. (Me too. )

  • We had beautiful colors when we lived down south but up here in the north, no colors at all. A few trees lose their leaves but they’ve already budded and will bloom soon. I do miss the colors as I grew up with amazing autumn color in Maine and eastern Canada. We always drove around to enjoy the beauty.

    I can’t wait to make these peas and you’re right, they’d be perfect for Thanksgiving.

    • Roberta

      Sorry you don’t get color in the fall. It is truly one of the biggest joys in life. I would miss it too.

  • Tylersat99

    So far here Roberta the only colors other than green are brown (dead) even dead leaves falling in yard and deck. Hope the rest of the trees turn before dying. Those trees are really pretty 🙂

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