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Everyday Cook #6

What can I say about Pat, aka @WebGrrrrl, that I didn’t say back in October, 2012  when she shared her fantastic Pumpkin Pancakes?

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There were several friends who allowed me to publish their recipes here at MTTD before I thought of the idea of calling them, Everyday Cooks and Everyday Food. Pat was one of them.

So I am very glad to have her share another of her fabulous recipes, this time under the banner of ‘Everyday Cook.’ I know you will agree her panckaes and stew are first rate; just like she is.

To summarize Pat’s previous profile:

She is a webmaster for a school district in the St. Louis, Missouri area. She is smart, funny, and snarky. She will not like me saying this but she is also very intelligent and caring. She has a heart of gold. I would also add she is real. No pretense in this lady!

Today she shares her hearty stew with you. Look at that hunk of corn bread in that picture. Makes my mouth water. YUMMY!

Pat’s Stew


This is what you will need for 6-8 people:

3.5 lbs stew beef, trimmed, cut into 1/2 inch chunks and well browned

1 large yellow onion, chopped coarsely, fried until golden

3 cloves garlic, ditto

1 quart good beef stock

1 bottle dark beer


3 medium turnips

2 rutabagas

4 medium potatoes

4 large carrots

1 large apple, cored and chunked


1 lb button mushrooms


1 – 2 tbsp dried thyme

1 tsp oregano

1 tsp thyme

1 tbsp worcester sauce

tsp ground sage

1 tbsp herbes de Provence

salt & pepper

Here is what you do:

Brown the meat in batches in large stockpot. When you’re done, de-fat the pot, and add the beer and stock. Bring to a boil, add the beef, and lower to a simmer. Simmer two hours; then add all of the veggies except the mushrooms. Add the seasonings, and simmer for another 2 – 3 hours, until the meat is getting tender. 

Correct the seasoning, and add the mushrooms. It’s done when the vegetables are tender, and you can mash a chunk of meat against the side of the pot easily.

Now the nice thing about stew is extensibility. This listing of ingredients is just what I happened to have on hand this time; I could have added kohlrabi, or peas, or anything else that sounded good. I don’t like parsnips, but some folks do; alternatively, cubed squash would work well, also. As for meat, I was in the mood for beef this time. Another time, I might change things up a bit by adding andouille, some leftover pork, or chicken. 

A note about the beef: stick to tough cuts—stew meat, check, arm. Anything that needs long, slow cooking will give you the best flavor: tender stuff is better for other uses.

Bon appétit!!!


3.5 lbs stew beef                  $15.72

1 large yellow onion              $0.79

3 cloves garlic                       $0.30

1 quart good beef stock         $4.25*

1 bottle dark beer                 $3.00

3 medium turnips                  $2.11

2 rutabagas                          $1.50

4 medium potatoes                $0.98

4 large carrots                      $0.45

1 large apple                         $0.46

1 lb button mushrooms          $1.99

1 – 2 tbsp dried thyme           $0.19

1 tsp oregano                        $0.21

1 tsp thyme                           $0.09

1 tbsp worcester sauce          $0.12

tsp ground sage                    $0.16

1 tbsp herbes de Provence     $0.47

salt & pepper

*You can make your own stock or purchase ready made. Fot this cost analysis, I used the cost of Emeril’s Beef Stock.

Total cost = $32.93
Cost per person (8) $4.11

Quote of the Day

People who love to eat are always the best people

Julia Child


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