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Today I am beginning what will be a periodic on-going series of posts here at More Thyme Than Dough showcasing ordinary everyday cooks and the food, the dishes, and the recipes they make and feed to their families.

Food Network does not have anything compared to the thousands and thousands of great cooks out there in America’s and the world’s kitchens. They are not professional cooks who studied and learned how to use a knife like it is a Stradivarius. More often than not they do not know or use a word like, “chiffonade;” or who know what “Ghee,” is.

These are mothers and fathers, many single who work 40+ hour weeks, some go to college after work, some are after school chauffeurs for their children. Their days are filled with hauling children to school, to the doctor’s office, to piano lessons, with trips in between to grocery stores. These are aunts and uncles and grandparents. They are everybody.

Because of their busy lives many times they go out to eat. But they do cook for themselves and their families, for pot lucks, and for work functions.

They may not cook fancy. Nevertheless, I believe they are the unsung heroes and heroines of America and countless other countries throughout the world. They are the people who truly feed the world. Without them there would be far more hungry people in the world.

I want to honor them. I want to thank them. And I want to showcase and introduce them to you.

If you have a recipe you want to share please Twitter me at @MoreThymeBlog

Meet Michelle

I begin with my dear Twitter friend, Michelle. On Twitter she is known as @Brownielocks01 .

Today Michelle is sharing a recipe to feed a large crowd, always a difficult endeavor. Michelle makes it easy and delicious. And at only $0.70 per serving, she also makes feeding a crowd SUPER inexpensive. Talk about your Recession Buster Recipe!!!!

So with no more ado here is ……..

Featured Recipe        Crille For a Crowd

Hi There!

I am honored that Roberta asked me to be a guest here on her blog.   My name’s Michelle W. and I am a preschool teacher most days.  I enjoy reading, music, cooking, and spending time with my friends.  

I feel food brings friends together. So often friends, family, and food just go together!  I’ve also been happily married the last 12 years to my wonderful husband John.

So, the recipe I’m sharing today is Crille.  I had to ask my mom for the spelling. 🙂

This is a recipe I grew up with as a kid.  The way I grew up with it was that it was all cooked and put together for you.  It is a very simple pasta recipe.  Who doesn’t like pasta right?

Recently, I was asked to bring a dish to a large gathering as a potluck main dish. I immediately thought of this recipe because of how simple it is and how easy and inexpensive it is to feed to a crowd.  This last time I was feeding 35 people!  

One of the beauties of this recipe is that it is inexpensive, easy, and travels well.

I also think it is a perfect idea for around the holidays when friends may show up unexpectedly or you’re having a holiday gathering with a bunch of friends.  The recipe can very easily be increased or reduced to feed a few or a crowd. And best of all,  it is popular with most people.

This is what you will need for about 35 people:

2 Boxes of Wagon Wheel Pasta (or any short cut pasta)

64 ounces of your favorite pasta sauce

2 lbs of ground beef

1 large onion chopped

Parsley (flakes are fine if you don’t have fresh), and  oregano, garlic salt, salt, pepper, basil, all added to taste 

Here is what you do:

Start by putting on the water to boil.  Make sure to boil in a very large pot as you need lots of water to keep the pasta from getting too starchy.  A trick I  use is to add salt to the water as this is your only chance to flavor the pasta itself.  

Start sautéing the onion in Extra Virgin Olive Oil for about 5 minutes.

Once the onion has gotten to the desired softness add the ground beef and brown thoroughly, about 7 or 8 minutes.  

Once the meat is thoroughly cooked add less sauce than you think you will need. Save any extra sauce for leftovers.  I had two very large jars and was about 64 ounces of sauce to cover the noodles.  But, I recommend having more on hand for reheats or for those who like more sauce.

At the end of the cooking time for the noodles mix the sauce and meat mixture with the pasta and serve.  I like to use Parmigianino Reggiano cheese for grating.  

This dish can be served with garlic bread and a salad to also stretch how many people it can feed. 

Bon appétit!!!


2 Boxes of Wagon Wheel Pasta       $4.98

64 ounces pasta sauce                   $12.57 (Newman’s Own)

2 lbs of ground beef                       $5.98

1 large onion chopped                    $0.51

Parsley                                         $0.15

Oregano                                       $0.12

Garlic salt                                      $0.10

Basil                                             $0.08

Total cost = $24.49
Cost per person (35) = $0.70

Quote of the Day

Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting.

Elizabeth Bibesco


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