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Everyday Cook #3

Today I share the third installment of Everyday Cooks in More Thyme’s series on everyday folks who cook up good meals.

And I am super proud today to introduce you to Ryan.


Some of you may remember my 93 year old neighbors, Floyd and Betty from this post:  Autumn Fun. Ryan is their great grandson.         IMG_3105

Ryan is 9 years old and attends San Antonio schools. He plays the cello and gets his physical exercise by playing tennis. He loves to cook.

Ryan wants to be a chef. You can tell by his recipe today, he has a great future in food and is well on his way to being a great chef.

Featured Recipe             Ham and Swiss with Jalapenos    
This is what you need for one sandwich:

Ham (1 – 2 slices)

Swiss Cheese (1 – 2 slices)

Sliced Jalapenos (0 – 5 slices)


Wheat or White Bread (2 slices)

Here is what you do:

Put stovetop on medium heat. 

Then, put the butter on both sides of the bread. 


Then, put the ham, cheese, and jalapenos in the middle of the bread.

Cook until butter/cheese is slightly melted or bread is golden brown. Be careful not to burn it.


Serve with your favorite chips and enjoy!


Bon appétit!!!


Ham 2 slices                                   $0.34

Swiss Cheese 2 slices                      $0.28

Sliced Jalapenos                              $0.42

Butter 2 tablespoons                        $0.18

White Bread                                    $0.08

Total cost 1 sandwich = $1.30

Quote of the Day

Too few people understand a really good sandwich

James Beard


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