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Today I have a real Easy Peasy Cheesy treat for you.

Today Everyday Cook, Gary shares his Miami Style Cuban Sandwich, that cheesy, toasted, flattened slice of heaven.

Gary is another of my Twitter friends. In his Tweets he teases his followers by posting pictures and recipes of mouth watering meals he makes, such as Beef Brisket, and Pepper Steak. He also knows the difference between Creole and Cajun. He likes to make big meals and then freeze part of them for later in the week. Smart man.

He is also just plain delightful and fun with an impish sense of humor.

I have been trying to get him to share a recipe with you in the Every Day Cooks series for weeks and weeks and weeks. I am so happy he finally said, “Yes.”    

Because of Gary – it is ALL his fault –  my hat size has increased by six sizes because he is so very generous with compliments of recipes I share and my writing. For that alone you know he has  a special place in my heart.

With no further ado I am proud to introduce you to Gary and his sandwich simply dripping with melted buttery cheesy decadently deliciousness.

Everyday Cook #11


 Miami Style Cuban Sandwich


This is what you will need to make 1 sandwich:

1 loaf French Bread Kosher – about 10 inches

1 Dill Pickle  

A couple of slices Rotisserie Pork

A couple of slices Black Forest Ham

Couple slices of Swiss Cheese

Gulden’s Spicy Mustard




For the bread I bought a two footer.

About the pickles, you only need just one sliced thin.

I was going to buy a pork shoulder then cook it myself, but the market was out. So, in the Deli Department they had rotisserie pork roast, (who knew?) which, surprisingly was pretty good.

To make this sandwich the recipe calls for ¼  lb. of ham and pork. However, I used something like 5 slices ham, and 5 slices of pork roast 4 slices of Swiss cheese and 1 Dill pickle.

The market didn’t have Black Forest Ham today so I bought Black Bear Virginia Ham.

As for the butter that somehow it didn’t get into the picture – Oops!

Now All You Have To Do Is Build Your Sandwich:

Slather both pieces of the bread with mustard.


Lay on some ham, pork, and cheese.




If you did not buy sliced pickles slice them length wise now and add to the sandwich.


Put the top slice of the bun on top of all the goodies and then smoother the entire sandwich in butter.

Butter Foil

 Then wrap the sandwich in aluminum foil.

Foil 2

Time to Fire Up the Grill! Did I plug this thing in?? Here I flattened the sandwich by pressing down on it.


Oh, shoot! I cut it too soon! Don’t do this, let is sit a coupla’ minutes.

Roberta’s Comment: Looks cheesy gooey delicious heaven to me. Just the way I like and want it!


This is the finished product. Ta -Da! With Nachos!

With Doritos

Bon appétit!!!


 1 loaf French Bread Kosher             $0.90

1 Dill Pickle                                     $0.43

5 slices Rotisserie Pork                    $0.97 

5 slices Black Forest Ham                 $1.07

4 slices Swiss Cheese                      $0.87

Gulden’s Spicy Mustard                    $1.90

Butter                                            $0.75

Total Cost 1 Sandwich = $6.89

Quote of the Day

Charm is a product of the unexpected.

Jose Marti, Cuban Writer


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