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Microwave Green Beans with Garlic Butter

This is a great side dish for chicken, pork, or beef. I use this recipe with a lot of different vegetables, including broccoli and asparagus. Only thing that varies is the length of nuking time.

This is really a great way to fix veggies on a busy week night because they do not take much time at all. Once my entrée is cooking I can prep the vegetables and get them in the microwave.

From start to finish these do not take but 10 minutes or so. It took me longer to type the instructions and it will take you longer to read them than it does to fix these easy and delicious morsels.

This is what you need for 3 people:

1 pound green beans

3-4 tablespoons butter

2-3 garlic cloves

Salt & pepper to taste

Here is what you do:

Cut the butter up into smaller pieces. They do not have to be equal in size. Slice the garlic. Placeboth  in a microwavable bowl.

Place in microwave and “cook” on high for a minute or two. I do a minute at a time so I do not over heat or burn the butter.

When the garlic butter is melted or mostly melted remove and place a lid on the bowl. Set aside to let the garlic steep in and flavor the the butter.

While butter is melting begin washing the beans.

Using the Prep Technique I have perfected known as the Lazy Cook’s Way, cut the ends off the beans and place in a microwavable casserole. This way I only have to handle the beans once. Cool, huh!!!

NOTE: I use a steamer for the casserole that allows me to steam rather than cook the beans in water. If you do not have anything like this, just put about an inch or two of water in a casserole and put the beans right in the water to cook. Then just drain the beans when tender. Either way is fine.

Or you can steam the beans the conventional way in a steamer on the stove.

Now cover the casserole and place in a microwave for about 4-5 minutes for crisp-tender beans; or 5-7 minutes for softer beans.

NOTE: You may need to adjust these times up or down depending on the specifics of your microwave.

Remove the beans from the microwave when cooked the way you like. Place in a serving bowl and spoon the garlic butter over all. Add salt and pepper and your beans are ready to serve.

VARIATIONS: If you do not like garlic, or you just want some thing different just use melted butter on the beans and then using a micro-plane zester to zest some lemon or orange peel over the beans. Or add your favorite chopped fresh herb to the butter (garlic or not) after you have melted it.

Bon Appetit!!!


1 pound green beans          $1.75

3-4 tablespoons butter        $0.60

2-3 garlic cloves                 $0.30

Salt & pepper to taste

Total cost = $2.65
Cost per person = $0.88

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