Do You Agree With Me?


I love this TV ad. The geese are just magnificent.

However, I have a gripe with Verizon.



Verizon is rewarding people for dropping Verizon for another supposedly better cell phone company.

The reward is a hefty $300.

That is bas ackward. That is SOOOOO stupid!!!!!!!!

You never reward the bad guys and gals! You should never reward those who abandon you; who left you; who jilt you.

What Verizon should REALLY do is reward  $300 for anyone who has been a loyal customer through thick and thin for at least six (6) consecutive years or more.

Where’s my reward, Verizom???

Just ‘sayin!


Featured Recipe        Peach and Prosciutto Bruschetta



It has been a wet, wet, wet, WET summer. The last few weeks have been brutal with temperatures in the 90’s and stifling humidity in the 90’s as well.

I hate to cook on days like that.

So I don’t.

I either eat out or I fix no-cooking dishes.

A friend at one of the offices I deliver candy to gave me a half-dozen fresh picked Georgia peaches. They were so good: sweet, fragrant, and chin dripping juicy.

I used one making Peach Quesadillas.

Then I made today’s recipe……..a fantastic no cook recipe.

It is so easy I did not even do step-by-step directions or pictures today

This is what you need for two:

2 or 3 pieces prosciutto*

2 slices of bread*

1 peach

About 6 tablespoons goat cheese*

Extra virgin olive oil

A few fresh basil leaves

Salt and pepper to taste


* You can use any kind of bread that floats your boat. You can use any kind of ham you desire. You can sub cream cheese for the goat cheese.

Here is what you do.

If necessary, slice the bread and lightly toast.

Spread the cheese over the toast.

Place a slice or two of prosciutto on top of the cheese.

Slice the peach and add 2 or 3 slices on top of the ham.

Sprinkle some olive oil on top and salt and pepper to taste.

Add a small basil leaf or two on top.


How is easy is this?


Bon Appétite


2 or 3 pieces prosciutto                   $2.78

2 slices of bread                            $0.33

1 peach                                        $0.50

6 tablespoons goat cheese               $1.40

Extra virgin olive oil                         $0.48

A few fresh basil leaves                   $0.10

Salt and pepper to taste

Total  Cost = $5.59
Cost per slice bread = $2.80

Quote of the Day

Life is better than death, I believe, if only because it is less boring, and because it has fresh peaches in it.

Alice Walker


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2 comments to Do You Agree With Me?

  • Interesting observation Roberta. I partly agree with you. There is a theory in marketing that it is sometimes easier (and cheaper) to persuade lost customers back into the flock, than to find, convince, sell to and retain new customers.

    However in this Verizon campaign, as you note, it is an insult to the long standing loyal customers as they receive no benefit from their loyalty. Worse, it is an invitation to cancel their agreement and sign up again next month in the hopes the offer is still valid.

    BTW, the link in your first email did work at 8:43 Eastern on 03 August.

  • The recipe looks yummy! I like the ad but I ignore most phone companies. I agree with you. Not fair to existing customers. I have T-Mobile. They treat me well, fix my phone when needed and offer me plenty of upgrades!