Dammit Dammit Dammit !


Many of you know officially I am retired, but I do have a wonderful part time job. Officially I am in marketing. Unofficially I am known as The Candy Lady.

My main job duty is to visit sixty some real estate offices every week and deliver and fill up a bowl with candy. I also make sure there are business cards in the bowl. I also hand out fliers on our services once in a while.

The main goal is to build personal relationships so that when someone thinks, home inspection, they think of us first.

I have learned that the real estate business employs some of the friendliest, generous, and nicest people on God’s green earth. It is easy to build relationships with them. I like the people and seeing them every week is pure joy and filled with lots of laughter and fun. Best part is we are getting sales from this outreach.

But I digress.

1 dam dollThe other day I was in an office and I saw what looked like a voodoo doll on one of the receptionist’s desk. I asked her about it and she said, “Oh no. No. NO. This is my Dammit Doll.”


Did I hear her correctly I wondered.  I kinda grinned. Then tentatively asked, “What???”

She repeated herself, “This is my Dammit Doll.” I kinda figured out what it was for. By this time I am laughing and giggling uncontrollably like a twelve year old. One of the other receptionist’s spoke up and said, “Yea. Here’s mine,” she said, proudly holding her doll up for me to see.

It is just a 12-inch stuffed fabric doll.


Now this merited an investigation. So when I got home, ever the intrepid researcher, I did an Internet search for you my inquisitive readers. I thought it would take hours. In one second flat I found 192,000 hits! That’s the Power of the Internet for you.

I knew right away I would have to share this discovery with you.

Who knew? Certainly not moi.

And I pride myself on keeping up on current events. Did you know about these dolls before today?

Believe It Or Not

There is an entire industry out there for Dammit Dolls.

Dammit dolls have their own website. They are on Twitter. They are on Facebook.  You can also find them on The Find, and Pinterest. You can also find them on YouTube.

There is also a web page where you can support your favorite professional football team by buying a Dammit Doll.

There are dolls for cancer survivors, preschool teachers, dental assistants, electricians, you name it. There’s a Dammit Doll for it!

You can buy them at Amazon, E-bay, Bing, and swoozies online store and other gift stores nation wide.



I bought mine on Amazon. (I am not advertising for Amazon, nor am I being paid any type of remuneration to write this. I used Amazon only because I already have an existing account with 1 click ordering.) Don’t have to use my Dammit Doll for that transaction now do I?  – NOOO  frustration at all!

There are even patterns available if you want to sew and make your own doll.



Best of all Betty White has a Dammit Doll.  My goal in life has always been to be just like Betty White when I grow up! I feel so much closer                                                                        closer to her now that I know we both have Dammit Dolls.

1 Dammit  BW

The dolls come complete with directions too. It is sewn right on the front of the doll:


“Whenever things don’t go so well,

 And you want to hit the wall and yell,

 Here’s a little dammit doll

That you can’t do without.

Just grasp it firmly by the legs

And find a place to slam it.

And as you whack the stuffing out,



My doll will not last six months following those directions.

Featured Recipe    Mama’s Spaghetti Casserole 


The Mama of this recipe is Paula Deen.

I first saw a picture of this recipe in a tweet that Cheryl, Everyday Cook #4 posted. It just looked so mouth watering.

Came to find out that Cheryl got the recipe from Gary, Everyday Cook #11.

The way recipes and food pictures get passed around on Twitter I am beginning to think that Twitter is The Best and Largest Cookbook in the history of the Universe!

This is a Deen Brother’s recipe.

Today’s recipe is definitely a quick and easy weeknight recipe. The longest part of making this dish is waiting for the water to boil to cook the spaghetti.

It is super inexpensive too.

Best of all there is little clean up as well!

Did I mention it is super delicious?

This is a WIN-WIN all the way round.

This is what you will need for 8 people:

1 pound uncooked spaghetti

1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil

1 pound ground beef

½  teaspoon salt

½  teaspoon dried oregano

¼  teaspoon ground black pepper

Pinch crushed red pepper flakes*

1 26-ounce jar spaghetti sauce

3 ounces Parmesan cheese**

8 ounces mozzarella cheese***



*I did not use red pepper flakes

**  1/3 cup

*** 1 cup ~ I ended up using 2 cups

Here is what you do:

Preheat oven to 350 F.

Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Add the spaghetti and cook according to package directions; drain.


In a large Dutch oven, heat the oil over medium-high heat. Add the beef; cook about 5 minutes or until brown, breaking meat up with a fork as it cooks.


If you are concerned about fat content drain a bit off. I don’t like to lift heavy, hot pots to drain off a bit of fat. So I use a baster bulb to remove a bit of the fat. Don’t remove to much or your finished casserole will be dry instead of nice and moist.


Add the salt, oregano, black pepper, and red pepper flakes.


Stir in the spaghetti sauce, Parmesan, and the cooked spaghetti.  .  ~~~ I chose to add the spaghetti in batches instead of all at once. It is easier to stir the ingredients together that way.


Batch # 3. I did 5 batches all together.


Transfer to baking dish.  ~~~ I also stirred the ingredients again in the baking dish as it was much easier to mix it all together here than in the pot.



Top evenly with mozzarella. As I mentioned above, I used 2 cups of mozzarella, not the 1 called for in the recipe.


Bake for 30 to 40 minutes or until the cheese is melted and bubbling.


Serve with a salad and some garlic bread. There is a great recipe for Garlic Herb Bread at the Deen Brothers web site.


Bon appétit!!!


1 pound uncooked spaghetti                      $0.99

1 tbspn extra virgin olive oil                       $0.12

1 pound ground beef                                $3.38

½  teaspoon salt                                      $—-

½  teaspoon dried oregano                       $0.17

¼  tsp ground black pepper                       $—-

Pinch crushed red pepper flakes                $0.24

1 26-ounce jar spaghetti sauce                 $1.68

3 ounces Parmesan cheese                      $1.44

8 ounces mozzarella cheese                     $2.99 – cost is for the 16 ounces I used

Total Cost = 11.01

Cost Per person = $1.38

Quote of the Day

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.
Winston Churchill


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8 comments to Dammit Dammit Dammit !

  • Thankyou for letting us know where to get this marvellous new piece of office equipment. Just imagine how many telephone, stapler, books and other everyday-frustration-reliever common articles’ lives will be saved.

    Does Amazon sell them by the truckload? Some days, I could use them all.

    • Roberta

      I know you are serious but I am laughing hilariously at your comment, especially since I just read your lastest post over at your blog. You are so correct. I did not think of all of the other office things we can save by using these dolls. These dolls are truly miraculous.

      If you find out if Amazon does sell them by the truckload let us all know. You will be doing human kind a huge favor. 🙂

  • Oooh, I love spaghetti casserole! Never heard of dammit dolls. Great idea! Sorry – couldn’t connect to your website until today. Weird.

    • Roberta

      Not a problem. Plus you have real problems you are delaing with that are far more important than connecting to my web site.

      However, I can’t pass up this opportunity to remind everyone that computers have now replaced men in my life as the thing I most can’t live with….nor without!

  • I think a Dammit Doll is pretty much a necessity in today’s environment. 🙂

    I love that spaghetti casserole. I’m looking for things I can prepare ahead for my sister’s visit next week.

    • Roberta

      Perfect dish for making ahead. How nice to have your sister visit. 🙂

      Sigh. Yes, Dammit Dolls are a necessity these days.

  • Pete

    I was going to ask for a suggestion for dinner, you beat me to it! Thanks!!!!