The Any Audience Theory

At any given time and in any medium only ½ of the audience will pay attention at all to what I am saying.

And only ½ of that will hear what I really say.

And only ½ of that ¼ will comprehend what I really mean.

And of the remaining 1/8 that I’m actually communicating with, most of them won’t agree with me anyway.

A Short Course in Human Relations

The most important 6 words: “I admit I made a mistake.”

The most important 5 words: “I am proud of you.”

The most important 4 words: “What is your opinion.”

The most important 3 words: “If you please.”

The most important 2 words: “Thank you.”

The most important word: “We”

The least important word: “I”

Featured Recipe    Quick Oriental Chicken Noodle Soup

It has been gloomy, rainy, and cold here in Columbus,Ohio the last few days. And on days like this nothing picks me up like a bowl of hot chicken noodle soup.

A neighbor many, many years ago shared this recipe with me. You can find this same recipe all over the internet. I think it may be a Betty Crocker recipe. At least one site attributed the recipe to her. So I’ll go with that.

The best thing this recipe has going for it is how quick and easy, and relatively inexpensive it is. It is certainly weeknight fare. And if you prep the veggies the night before you can have this on the table before you can say, “Abracadabra.”

It is also great for using up left over chicken. Or turkey. Gobble Day will soon be upon us. This is a great soup to make for using up some of that left over turkey. Left overs never looked or tasted so good.

If you do not have any left over chicken, cook a boneless, skinless chicken breast or two in either water or chicken broth. When I do that, I use the water or broth I cook the chicken in as part of the 3 cups of water called for by the recipe.

I like recipes like this. They are the best of both worlds. I get the convenience and time-saving-ease of pre-packaged with the benefits that comes from adding fresh vegetables to the dish.

What’s not to like?

This is what you will need for 4 people:

1 -3  ounce package chicken flavored ramen noodle soup mix

2 cups cooked chicken

1-2 baby bok choy or 1 medium regular bok choy

1 carrot

3 cups water

Optional: 1 teaspoon sesame oil*

*I highly recommend the sesame oil. It makes this dish. Plus it will make your entire kitchen smell divine!

Here is what you do:

Wash and prep the veggies:

Cut the tough bottom off of the bok choy. Discard or use in composting.  Then cut the bok choy into about one to two–inch chunks. Then wash it. I find that easier than washing first and then cutting.

And I just let the bok choy sit and drain in the sink until I need it.

Slice the carrots into rounds. I cut some of the larger pieces in half.

Also dice the cooked chicken. I just tear with my hands into uneven sized pieces. (See first picture of ingredients.)

Put the 3 cups of water or mixture of cooking liquid and water in a large pot and bring to a boil. Remember ‘bring to a boil,’ simply means until you first see bubbles form.

Unwrap the noodle block and set the flavor pak aside for now.

Then break up the block of ramen noodles and add to the water.

Add the bok choy, carrots, and chicken to the water. Stir everything together. Heat to boiling again. Doesn’t that look super delicious already??? YuMmmmm!

Now reduce the heat to low and simmer uncovered 3 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Stir in the contents of the seasoning packet and, if using, the sesame oil. Mix together well, cook about a minute longer. Not more than that so that the carrots remain crisp tender.

Serve with a salad, or a sandwich, or as I often do with cheese and crackers.

Now how easy is that to make the gloomies go away?

Bon appétit!!!


1 – 3 ounce package ramen noodles             $0.66

 2 cups cooked chicken                                $2.15*

1 medium regular bok choy                          $2.22

1 carrot                                                      $0.11

3 cups water                                               $—-

Optional: 1 teaspoon sesame oil**               $0.15

* If you are using left over chicken there is no cost for this item.

Total cost = $5.29  (Only $3.14 if using leftovers.)
Cost per person = $1.32 (Only $0.79 if using leftovers.)

Quote of the Day

To feel safe and warm on a cold wet night, all you really need is soup.

Laurie Colwin


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