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It has been said that a lie can make its way round the world several times before the truth can even get its shoes on. Such is the case about coffee.

Seems about thirty or so years ago Harvard published the results of some research that said there was a connection between drinking coffee and cancer.

As with all such announcements the Media Scare Machine went into over drive.  The media’s caffeine over dose like frenzy left coffee labeled with the “bad for you” and “unhealthy” stigma.

A few years after the initial announcement Harvard retracted the study and said their findings were flawed.

Unfortunately there is no Media We Made a Mistake Machine to undo the damage they made in the first place.

So the coffee is not healthy stigma persists till this day in some quarters.

Recent Research  –  Coffee Good For You

Recent research though should put to rest once and for all the coffee is bad for you nonsense.

The first site I am going to cite is from, of all places, imagine that, Harvard!!!!!

It’s surprising when something that was once considered questionable for your health turns out to have health benefits, usually with the proviso to use it “in moderation.” That happened with chocolate and alcohol, and now it is coffee’s turn, reports the February [2006] issue of the Harvard Health Letter.

What are some of these benefits? As listed at the Harvard link and on WebMD and countless other links I could cite, the benefits include:

You are less likely to have type 2 diabetes.

You are less likely to get Parkinson’s or dementia.

You are less likely to develop some types of cancer.

You are less likely to develop heart rhythm problems or strokes.


There are a few caveats and as always, these studies indicate coffee is OK when drunk in moderation. But the research is strong that coffee is not bad or unhealthy. For instance the Harvard site listed above says that coffee may increase cholesterol levels especially if you drink unfiltered coffee. lists a few more benefits: Protection from Alzheimer’s and a boost to liver health.

The Real Age site also says that tea has many of the same benefits as coffee.

So go ahead……………….. have that second cup of coffee for breakfast this morning. I have the perfect poem and then the perfect breakfast to go with that coffee.


Caffeine is my shepherd; I shall not doze.
It maketh me to wake in green pastures:
It leadeth me beyond the sleeping masses.
It restoreth my buzz:
It leadeth me in the paths of consciousness for its name’s sake.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of addiction,
I will fear no Equal™:
For thou art with me; thy cream and thy sugar they comfort me.
Thou preparest a carafe before me in the presence of The Starbucks:
Thou anointest my day with pep; my mug runneth over.
Surely richness and taste shall follow me all the days of my life:
And I will dwell in the House of Mochas forever.

~Author Unknown (found at Quote Garden)

Featured Recipe    Avocado Toast

This recipe makes a delicious  breakfast or lunch. I would not rule out dinner either. It would make a lovely Midnight Snack too.

It is quick and easy and it is inexpensive.

Did I happen to mention it is healthy too?

This is what you will need for 3 people:

1 avocado

3 slices bread

½ lemon

3 pats of butter – optional

Olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste

Here is what you do:

Cut the avocado in half.

Remove the pit. There are several ways to do this. You can use a spoon. You can insert a knife firmly into the seed and rock it back and forth till it becomes loose. If you need further direction and pictures or video you will find it here  or here.

The nice thing about this recipe is you do not have to worry about damaging the avocado because you are going to mash it up anyway!!

Then using a spoon scoop all of the flesh out of the skin……………….

………………….and place it in a  bowl.

Using a fork cut the avocado into small pueces and mash it a bit as well.

Squirt a bit of lemon juice on the avocado to prevent it from browning. Mash the avocado a bit more to mix the juice in.

Set aside while you toast you bread. You can use any kind of bread you want. I used a whole grain bread.

When the bread is toasted and if you are going to use it butter the bread.

Then spread some of the avocado over the bread.Add some olive oil and salt and pepper to taste.

VARIATION: If you like it spicier add some red pepper flakes.

Eat and enjoy.

Bon Appetit!!!


1 avocado                   $2.00             

3 slices bread              $0.51

½ lemon                     $0.17

3 pats of butter            $0.24

Olive oil                       $0.36

Salt & pepper

Total cost = $3.28

Cost per person = $1.09


Since there was no post last week because of Easter I have two comments this week; one for two weeks ago and one for last week.

In response to the Just For Today post,  Kara Hall commented: “You’re making me hungry. Happy Easter. “

I love it when I can make you hungry. That’s my job!

In response to the KohlSlaw recipe Mindy wrote: “ I LOVE Sesame seed oil. I could bathe in it. Dab a little behind my ear and fall in love with myself. I can’t wait to make this. Yummy!”

Thanks to all of you for the wonderful comments. You make my work picking the comment of the week harder and harder every week. And I love it!!!!


Quote of the Day

A morning without coffee is like sleep. 

Author Unknown


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