Dear Reader:

Over the next few months I am going to make a few changes here at More Thyme Than Dough. Nothing big mind you. Just some additions to help make this blog more useful to you the reader.

One of the changes I have already begun implementing. You may not have noticed. What I try to do each week now is share one main dish or entrée with you on Monday and then the rest of the week share some side dishes like a salad, a side dish, or a dessert that most often, but not always, can be used with that week’s entrée.

But I have some other changes in mind too.

I am also going to make it easier for you to find recipes you want. I will be doing that by adding better Categories for you to look under. You can find the Categories drop down menu in the extreme left hand column near the top of the page. I will be adding such categories as Beef recipes, Chicken recipes, Salads, Meatless, etc,. etc., etc.  This is not hard. But it will be time intensive as it means I must go into each of the over 200 individual posts and change or add the new categories.

I am also going to add a feature that will allow you to ask any cooking, recipe, or food question you have and I will answer it for you. And if I don’t know the answer I will look it up and ask other cooks and chefs I know and get you an answer. When that feature is up and running I will let you know.

I also want to add an “I Tried This Recipe,” feature, where you can say I tried this recipe and it was great or not so great and why. Or I tried it and I added this ingredient. I will also let you know when that feature is up.

In the next few months I am also going to profile some Columbus restaurants I like and why I like them and what makes that restaurant a good dinning experience.

I will be doing all this during the next couple of months. That leads me to why I am posting an old post  tomorrow, on Sunday, June 5th. A summer rerun so to speak.

I need some time to do get the new features up and running. So every Sunday this summer I am going to run a “Best of More Thyme Than Dough.” This will simply be a post and recipe from the last 16 months. I will be using the time I would normally spend writing a new post and fixing a new recipe for Sunday to make these changes.

I will continue to post original and new content and recipes on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of every week.

I hope to have everything up and running by Labor Day.

I hope these changes make More Thyme Than Dough even better and more useful for you.




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