Roasted Cherry Tomatoes with Eggs

ssss Just a recipe today. But ‘WOW’ what a pretty, fantastic, and super delicious recipe! I love this little recipe. Hope you like it too! Best of all it is a quick and easy meal for those evenings when time is short! aaa


Today’s recipe is as delicious as it […]

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My Most Memorable Meal


What makes a meal memorable?


Good food of course. But strangely enough, good food is not enough.

I have had many outstanding dishes that were superbly delicious and tasty; food that was so heavenly gratifying that I did not want to swallow it but let it roll around my mouth and tantalize […]

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Watching Grass Grow


At 7:02 a.m. EDT yesterday, as it has for millennia, the Spring Equinox occurred in the Northern Hemisphere.

Mother Nature is not cooperating here as the temperature today will only be a few degrees above freezing.

Yet it is officially spring and I look forward to warmer temperatures, colorful spring flowers […]

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