Roasted Cherry Tomatoes with Eggs

ssss Just a recipe today. But ‘WOW’ what a pretty, fantastic, and super delicious recipe! I love this little recipe. Hope you like it too! Best of all it is a quick and easy meal for those evenings when time is short! aaa


Today’s recipe is as delicious as it […]

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What Would You Say?



Around early June I usually share a college graduation speech with you.

Instead this June I am sharing a lovely and short video titled:

If You Could Say ONE Thing To a Young Person What Would That Be?




I would tell a young person: Live life with gusto!

So […]

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Liquid Poetry


I am fond of saying that age has its privileges. Well, it seems, I am not far off.

Two recent news stories and studies contain good news for people in their sixties and older.

Seems both wine and hot chocolate in moderation helps improve memory in us […]

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