A friend of mine recently lost a family member to a stroke.

I have another friend who suffered a stroke last summer. He is alive today and I visit him every few weeks.

What was the difference between these two stories?

Quick action and calling 911.

Many people who die […]

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Beat the Heat

It is not even officially summer yet and much of the United States, and even the world is dealing with sweltering heat and humidity.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac says to will be this way for my part of the world off and on all summer, at least through July. If you […]

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We’re Having a Heat Wave

11 Ways To Beat the Heat

I read it was 110 degrees at Yankee Stadium yesterday. The entire East coast and the Midwest is suffering with extremely high temps. And it will be this way for the next three or four days. I am sure some high temperature records will be broken […]

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