The Heart of Leadership

I begin today’s post with a confession.

I am a fallen away Catholic and have been so for over forty years. I do not expect that to change during the rest of my life.


Nevertheless, I always follow the death of a Pope, the ensuing election, and their […]

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Food Freedom Update


Remember a few months ago when I ranted and raved against the new federal guidelines that regulate the kinds and amounts of foods school cafeterias can provide for students in the post, Give Me Liberty?

Well funny thing about that……..

As reported in the previous post many students were complaining they were hungry. […]

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Eight Gifts That Do Not Cost a Cent


Well, I for one am glad that Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and much of the Christmas shopping days are behind us. Of course there is still last minute Christmas shoping to get through.

I have never desired to be a part of all the crowds and cheap merchandise they put out for […]

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