Living To One-Hundred


The headlines blare at us: “How To Live Longer.”


However, in newspapers, magazines, and at the doctor’s office the list of to do’s to achieve longevity are many and mostly negative :

don’t smoke, drink more water, restrict calories, eat less fat, consumer more antioxidants, eat dark chocolate, drink red wine, […]

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The Zen of Health Care


What Health Care COULD Be Or is this what health care used to be like when I was a child in the nineteen-fifties?

I am not positive. That was so long ago. But I think it was very similar to this.

Nevertheless, I like the concept and cost of health care that the […]

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3 Reasons Why America Is Not Racist


The fact that some Americans had slaves in the early years of the United States of America is not, ipso facto, proof that we are a racist nation.

The fact that there are probably Americans who still believe that blacks are inferior, or that Jews are evil, or any other group of people […]

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